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  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Oct 4 2022

    Well darlins.... it's been quite a week!  Last night's UnFuckIt Discussion took a look at our mental and emotional health- because a LOT of us are struggling right now, and it's not just "depression".  Do we have the answers?  Nope.  But we have each other on this insane journey, and...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 28 2022

    Well.... it's shaping up to be a very interesting week eh?  Between "someone" blowing up the gas pipelines  between Russia and Europe, and "coincidentally" another new pipeline being announced the same day "Leaders from Poland, Norway and Denmark have attended a ceremony to mark the opening of the new Baltic...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, September 21 2022

    The madness increases this week, with LOTs of news to dig into and discuss with the UnFuckers.  Oh the Insanity! As usual, so many things are being talked about in the media that makes us ask: "what's really going on here"?       This is the GIF I was trying to find during the...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 14 2022

    Well my friends.... it seems that the world is about to crash and burn, and the dates of Sept 24th and 26th seem to keep coming up.... so, what's next? And what are all the world leaders going to be doing in London this weekend.... besides attending a funeral?      
  • Transformational Journey for Teens

    For all my friends with teens who might be struggling at the moment... I'd like to introduce you to Lainie Liberti's  teen mentoring courses and Retreats!!! Our Teens and Young people are seriously struggling at the moment and sometimes as a parent, it's difficult to know how to help them.  I've...
  • UnFuckIt Special: The Queen is dead…. the fallout.

    Unless you've been living in a cave in Tibet, I'm pretty sure you have heard the news that Queen Elizabeth II died yesterday, and there are oh so many questions!!!  Last Sunday I put out another UnFuckIt Special talking about the latest news from the Vatican, and global financial situation,...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sept 8th 2022

    This week in Clown World.... Seriously, it just gets crazier and crazier!!  The UnFuckers got together to hash out the latest insanity in their usual weekly discussion. If you missed it, last Sunday a Special UnFuckIt Discussion was recorded- discussing the latest news out of the Vatican, the background to who...
  • UnFuckIt Special Discussion, Sept 4 2022

    Last night our UnFucker's Members Chat was turned into an UnFuckIt Discussion that I'm putting out publicly... a L O T of shit has happened this week!!! There has been some interesting actions & announcements out of the Vatican in the past couple of weeks, and for me, a whole lot...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Sugust 31 2022

    Welcome to the planet of Totally Fucked!  Where the people mean nothing compared to the virtue signaling of the government retards that do things like ban the sale of gas/petrol and diesel vehicles, and then tell people that they can't charge their electric cars.  Where morons like Boris make public...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 24 2022

    Welcome to the UnFuckIt Discussion, where this weeks news sounds like something out of a dystopian fan fiction novel.... bad fan fiction!       Latest astrology update from Meghan: Mercury entered Shadow over the weekend and will be stationing retrograde on September 9th - and while technically it hasn't yet begun, it's already been...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 17 2022

    Last night on the UnFuckIt Discussion I opened with a short solar events report:  Yesterday evening heralded the beginning of multiple solar events- with 2 separate incoming multiple CME's hitting within a day or so of each other, and a high speed coronal hole solar particle stream all at the...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 10 2022

    Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion was a litany of "What the Fuck?!" over some of this weeks latest bits of news..... seriously, it's just INSANITY!!!           This is the transcript from the interview I talked about with Ben in the second half of the discussion https://www.globalresearch.ca/climate-disruption-its-not-due-to-co2/5677036 https://phys.org/news/2022-08-gigantic-jet-lightning-space.html   https://youtu.be/dGFkw0hzW1c    
  • UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 3 2022

    World Civil War I What does a Global Revolution look like?  With everything we've seen and experienced over the past 2 years (cough *decade* cough), I think we can safely hypothesize that "THEY" are trying to push humanity into full on revolt.  Never before has humanity been inundated from all sides...
  • UnFuckIt Discussion, July 27 2022

    Sorry for the huge delay everyone- it's been a hectic week!  Here is last weeks UnFuckIt discussion, July 27 2022.  We got into all sorts of topics last week, but it was a very chill, and relaxed show over all, talking about music, gardening and then.... AI, lol         This is the...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, July 20 2022

    This weeks UnFuckIt Discussion, talking about the latest insanity from the clownworld we live in ...and a few rants to spice up the hilarity of it all, because sometimes you just have to laugh at all this crazy bullshit!!          
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, July 13 2022

    This week's UnFuckIt Discussion, where the UnFuckers get together to discuss the latest insane fuckery going on in the world.... and oh boy is there a LOT of fuckery going on!!!             https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/ex-kgb-explains-the-four-stages-of-ideological-subversion-its-all-happening-now-video/ https://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/ex-kgb-explains-the-four-stages-of-ideological-subversion-its-all-happening-now-video/
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, July 6 2022

    The World has reached Gotham City levels of crazy this week, and there is no Batman to thin out the criminals and clinically insane people running the world.  Seriously..... where do we go from here?  The way forward, in my opinion, is creating our own communities and working to build...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, June 29 2022

    Welcome back to the UnFuckIt Discussion!  You did not miss last week's discussion: I took a day off so there wasn't a UFI chat last week! We got into lots of topics last night, from the latest solar stuff going on, the current political insanity, and we talked about fasting and...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, June 15 2022

    The UnFuckIt Discussion with the UnFuckers, Wed June 15th 2022        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, June 8th 2022

    Welcome to the UnFuckIt Discussion! Last night we discussed the latest insanity out of California, where the government has now classified BEES  as..... Fish.  Yes, we've officially reached an entirely new level of insanity this past week!!