Transpicuous Views Being Prepared: Communications

On Friday night I asked Alan James to come back and talk about Being Prepared: Communications.  As a society we’ve become addicted in many ways to technology, and have come to rely on that technology for a lot of things, especially to communication with friends, family and our various groups.  But what happens if Cell Phones are down?  What happens …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 18 2021

Rants galore!  Opening up the discussion: The Taliban and the Afghanistan debacle…. isnt’ it just convenient?  The distractions are being flung out left, right and centre…. but what’s really going on right now?  What is the main stream media NOT talking about? Coming up this week: Transpicuous Views, Being Prepared: Communication with Alan James, Friday Aug 20 at 8pm UK/3pm …

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Astrology 2.0: Battle of the Charts III , Aug 14 2021

Battle of the Charts Part III: Biden vs Trudeau vs Macron vs Johnson vs Morrison….. Taking a close look at the so called puppets on the thrones to see what’s heading their way.  As usual we opened the show with a discussion of what’s happening around us, and the next pieces that may be coming into play over the next …

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FutureProof Generations, Sunday Aug 22

I’ll be speaking at this event in Birmingham on Sunday August 22 and I’d love to see some UnFuckers there!!!!

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 11 2021

Crazy talk, for Crazy people!!!  But at least we had a really good laugh last night while we ranted about the current reality that we’ve been stuck in.  Laughter is the best medicine so it seems!!!           I will be speaking at this event in Birmingham UK on Sunday Aug 22nd, and I’d love to see …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Aug 5 2021

Welcome back to the UnFuckIt Discussion, where no topic is taboo and everything is tossed onto the table to be scrutinized and dissected.  Is the media lying to us?  Oh yes they are.  Is the Alt Media lying to us?  Yep, them too!  Last night we talked about the latest insanity in the News, we lamented the failures of technology …

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UnFuckers Library now available!

As the shitstorm grows on all fronts, being informed and having knowledge to be able to deal with any situation that can come up is vital to being prepared for anything. The internet is getting worse, and with solar activity on the steep rise there is good chance that sometime in the near future, getting online to find information may …

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