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  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, May 18 2022

    The UnFuckIt Discussion from this week, with all the usual gang of UnFuckers on all the usual topics!      
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, May 3 2022

    Welcome to Clown World!!  Last night I opened the UnFuckIt discussion with an apology and complete change of mind on my previous views about Canada's "Doctor Assisted Suicide" Law.... I cannot believe how quickly Canada is spiraling down into a dystopian nightmare regime!!  The UnFuckers ran through a pile of...
  • UnFuckIt Discussion, April 27 2022

    Oh the distractions!!!!  Snake venom, and zombie apocalypse, and the coming "Marburgh" pandemic.... seriously, so much bullshit it's surprising we're not all covered in mushrooms!!! It's time to circle the wagons and focus on the things that are important- like building local communities and groups to support each other and work...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, April 20 2022

    We have officially entered the next level of Clown World:  we are now in Uber Clown World Circus of Freak Shows. The latest insane, horrific news story out of Canada, and a Solar Update were our opening stories for last nights show.  Side Note: that super big sunspot that I...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, April 13th 2022

    We opened the discussion with a brief update on the intense solar/geomagnetic activities over the past weekend, and then we dove right into Dani's latest rant: Snake Venom is NOT the cause of covid, nor is it in your water.....ffs.        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion April 6th 2022

    Sorry for the delayed post.  Here is the UnFuckIt Discussion from April 6th 2022!        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 30 2022

    Well darlins, the sun has definitely  been active recently, and yesterday after 17 C class flares, 6 M class flares, we got hit with a X1.3 Class flare, and the geomagnetic storm last night from the "cannibal" CME from two previous M Class flares. I've included several infographics below. But seriously.......
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 16th & 23rd 2022

    HI Darlins!  I'm back again!!  Sorry for the lack of content for the past few weeks, but my big ol' work horse computer completely died a few weeks ago, and it's taken quite a while to gather up all the parts necessary to build a brand new computer. Last night...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 2 2022

    Good guys and Bad guys... yea, that's the bullshit of the main stream media and the alt media too, and that's the major propaganda whitewash with all this fuckery in the Ukraine.  What's been done around the world in many countries while everyone's been looking at the Ukraine? It's definitely...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 23 2022

    Another week of complete craziness, with lots of transparency proving that the crazies are ruling this clownworld that we currently live in.      
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 16 2022

    Last night on the UnFuckIt Discussion, Dani opened with a rant about science, "compartmentalization", and the broad reaching effects it has on our planet- especially in our current "education" systems.          
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 9 2022

    Last night was the first show that used the new format.  We'll be having 1 hour UnFuckIt Discussions, followed by the members chat from now on. At this moment in time, I feel that our members meet ups are the most important thing to focus on, to help, and support...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 2 2022

    After two weeks of moving house insanity, the UnFuckIt Discussion is BACK!! Time.... What is "time"? Just in "time" for  2/2/2022 numerology madness.... Last nights chat opened with the topic of the wild shifting that many of us are currently feeling, with a side discussion about "time" and our perception of...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 12 2022

    Welcome to the crazy show, where insanity abounds!  The weekly UnFuckers getting together to discuss this weeks ridiculousness.          
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, January 5th 2022

    Happy New Year.... of Insanity! The UnFuckers got together for our first discussion of 2022, and had a couple of good laughs along the way!        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 29 2021

    The last UnFuckIt Discussion of 2021.... may we NOT have a repeat year for 2022!!! Wishing all you UnFuckers a great weekend, wherever you are, and the best intent for 2022!!!        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 22 2021

    What a crazy insane week it's been!!! the UnFuckers get together for their weekly "what the actual fuck" discussion, and some good laughs were had by all!!        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 15 2021

    HO HO HO...Welcome to the pre-Christmas insanity!!  Will we be locked down? Won't we?  Is there a big Christmas dinner this year... or not?  And would we even listen to these idiots if they told us we had to stay home by ourselves?  Not a fuckin' chance!! We definitely had a good...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 8 2021

    What a week of Insanity!!  the UK government is spin doctoring the narrative as fast as they can, and everyone is trying to come up with new creative explanations for the sudden increase of heart attacks.  What's really going on?  THAT was one of the prime topics of discussion last...
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Floods, oh my!

    It's been a long while since I've put together an Earth Shifting update, but today's latest volcano eruption and earth quakes galvanized to me take a closer look.... and oh boy things area really shaking now!  Besides Several geomagnetic storms and "surprise" CMEs, our planet is currently rocking, and the...