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  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 22 2023

    All the kings horses and all the kings men, couldn't put the global financial system together again! The cards are falling, the are thick, and while the American government moons over woke rhetoric and doubles down on their lies and fraud, China is quietly building "peace" inroads across the Middle...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, The Ides of March 2023

    Beware the Ides of March they said.... well, while it's not exactly "quiet" out there at the moment, there is most definitely a heavy "anticipation" that the other boot is about to drop!! With the Silicon Valley Bank fiasco, Signature Bank closure, and now Credit Suisse.... We're about to see...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 8 2023

    Welcome to our mad mad world, where global insanity is the word of the day. In the past week we've had a lot of rather major events happen, and the most difficult aspect to it all is figuring out what is the distraction?  As I said in the show:  to clarify,...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, March 1 2023

    It's been a crazy couple of weeks and we are definitely living in a mad Mad MAD world!  Between the sun blowing off and strong geomagnetic storms knocking us all sideways, the political bullshittery merry-go-round, and well.... just plain all around insanity, is it a wonder that some of us...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 15 2023

    The from Wednesday February 15th 2023          
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 8 2023

    Last nights got into some interesting topics from events this week, from the massive earthquake in Turkey, to Chat GPT and the "DAN" story.... lots of interesting shit going on right now!  ... but what's real and what's a distraction, and what's natural vs manmade?  Shit is seriously...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 1 2023

    Well.... last night's was so interesting that we ended up going for a lot longer than usual!! From Aliens & UFOs/UAPs, to ancient history, to political bullshittery, and a whole lot of thought provoking theories!!!!        
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 25 2023

    This week's UnFuckIt Discussion, Wed Jan 25th 2023.... let's talk about all these weird "sicknesses" and "symptoms" everyone is experiencing.....    
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 18 2023

    The UnFuckIt Discussion, January 18 2023.... oh the latest insanity!! The corruption of governments and corporation has reached epic levels.  But oh the transparency- transparency through hypocrisy as Monty says. article from yesterday about Greta's "arrest" and the transparency of all these "political protests" that have been created to...
  • Greta’s FAKE Arrest… more bullshit to fool the masses

    IT'S ALL AN ACT!!! All of these "climate change", and "Just stop Oil" "activists" arrests are ALL setup photo ops, all fake. These "activists" who are "protesting" various things like "climate change" "oil" and other situations with various agendas,  have been promoted by the main stream media so that governments have an...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, January 11, 2023

    Sorry for the delay in posting this weeks UnFuckIt Discussion- Mercury is in Gatorade and technology is having a breakdown.... along with my brain, lol!! Here is the Solar Update that I posted a few days ago, the Sun has seemingly quieted down a bit at the moment: http://rts.earth/solar-update-multiple-x-class-flares/      
  • Solar Update: Multiple X-Class Flares!!

    It would seem that the Sun has decided to start off the new year with a bang.  ...A few of them in fact. For the past 10 days or so, Sol has been very active, and luckily most of the bigger bangs have NOT been Earth facing.  The Solar face is...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion….Happy New Year…. question mark?

    Welcome to 2023, and the current insanity that is carrying over from the previous debacle of a year! Our first of 2023, we talked about a lot of stuff, from politics to health to AI. Pardon me if I don't make any "New Years Resolutions" lol!!     These are the videos...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 21 2022

    Happy Yule and merry solstice my friends! 'Tis the season to be.... depressed?  There is a lot of heavy energetic shit floating around and the UnFuckers dived into the realms of dealing with depression and stress... and then we talked about the latest news, lol!! UnFuckers' Members: do not forget about the...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 14th 2022

    Beware the pendulum swing!  When we know that the "Main stream media" are lying to us, that does NOT mean that the "Alt media" are automatically telling the truth.  Far from it.  I opened last nights with the latest MAJOR news that thoroughly debunks and completely disproves the...
  • Following the REAL science.

    It's been a very long time since I've put out a written article, but this morning, after watching this video, I immediately knew that it was time to sit back down and start writing again. For the past almost 3 years, since the inception of the "pandemic" I've continuously cautioned people...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion , Dec 7 2022

      This weeks from Dec 7th 2022.  We've talked for ages about the "distractions" and what is a distraction vs what are they distracting us from, and Wed night we dug back down into this topic as we take a good look at the latest financial information coming out.       https://9gag.com/gag/aXnxgVb https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/blackstone-s-credit-fund-reaches-withdrawal-limit/ar-AA14ZmWp  
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 30 2022

    This week on the UnFuckIt Discussion we talk about the US Supreme Court hearing/case with regards to the 2020 presidential elections, and we get into  the FTX debacle again, looking at the global economic failures.       Links from this weeks UFI Discussion: Video about the Supreme court hearing that we discussed at the...
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 23 2022

    This weeks latest insanity- another look at the FTX Debacle, the current financial collapse and a few hypothesis' of what may be going on in the back ground.      
  • The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 16 2022

    The UnFuckIt Discussion from Nov 16 2022, ...another episode of "nothing to see here" news, with a "go woke, go broke" report to start the insanity off, lol!