Transpicuous News June 21 2021

The latest Insanity around the world and the “news” that the News isn’t talking about.         Dr McCullough again- this time talking VERY clearly, without hiding his true opinion of what COVID19 is, the vaccine, and the entire “Pandemic” to keep the people in FEAR. I HIGHLY recommend watching this video beginning to end. Canadian Covid …

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UnFuckIt Discussion June 16 2021

Oh the Insanity, the Rants, the Laughter, and the Questions.  From the latest “UFO” “Leak” talking about extraterrestrial & extradimensional beings (that may have been here on Earth all along?), to the G7 summit and it’s blatant display of no rules when it comes to “social distancing” and wearing masks, to yet another jump down the rabbit hole of history, …

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Transpicuous News June 11 2021

It’s been over a week since the last Transpicuous  News  Comedy Report- sorry, life’s been a bit insane- so this one is going to be a bit longer than usual.  This report was difficult to put together because there was literally so much insanity and crazy news….that it was hard to weed it down to one episode!  None of these …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 9 2021

The insanity grows, but sometimes you just have to laugh…. seriously: it’s gotta be a gigantic joke, right?  The latest bullshit from the Paris accords zero emissions/carbon neutral idiots- please tell me that these morons are not the ones making the decisions!!!!! Covid Vaccine propaganda, and my gut feeling of what we may see in September.  Are we about to …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, June 2 2021

Last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion was brilliant. We opened talking about the “darkness” that feels like it’s coming towards us this autumn- not destruction/war/disaster type darkness, but emotional darkness.  The information about COVID and the “vaccine” is coming out fast and furiously, and very soon I think we will reach the tipping point, where the general public will be hit with …

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Transpicuous News, June 2 2021

In today’s episode of Transpicuous News, we’re talking about UFOs, lost military groups taking over foreign factories, the last covid insanity, and a major heads up for tonights UnFuckIt Discussion.       News Links for this episode: COVIDIAN UPDATE June 1 2021    


 We’re now entering the second half of the second year of “COVID”, and there has been a very interesting shift- not in the independent reports coming out about both the “Virus” and the “Vaccine”, but in the breadth of knowledge and information that is now being shared by so many people. In the past week I’ve come across several excellent …

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