UnFuckIt Discussion, June 26 2019

Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion.  We opened up the show talking about some very weird physical symptoms that a LOT of people have been experiencing over the past few weeks.  Then we dove down a rabbit hole that I haven’t really visited since 2012- UFOs, Bob Lazar, Skinwalker Ranch.  It’s not the specific storyline that I was interested in reviewing these …

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Sarah Westall with dani: Geomagnetic updates

  Earlier this week I was on Sarah Westall’s show to go over the latest geomagnetic fuckery, discuss the wild weather changes we’re seeing globally and talk about C60 fullerenes. …not my best interview as I had a bad headache and our internet was just crazy bad during the discussion, which made screen sharing much more difficult…. d

UnFuckIt Discussion, June 12 2019

….And the insanity continues!  I refused to talk about the political and financial insanity last night- nope just not gonna do it- but we discussed the critically insane weather globally, the impending food shortages in the next few months due to the massive floods and hail storms throughout the US and Europe- not to mention India and China!  Time to …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: June 5th 2019

Fantastic discussion last night with the UnFuckers!  We ranged through quite a few topics, opening with the whole “Internet Kill Switch” and currently technology failures, the geomagnetic and geophysical craziness, the massive storms and tornadoes and SNOW in June in several places…. and then we got into some pretty deep woo woo stuff, and again talking about the nature of …

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