UnFuckIt Discussion: May 30th 2018

UnFuckers just gotta rant 😀  and so we did.  Yet another week of complete insanity, on every level imaginable!  Weird dreams, getting knocked out, exhaustion, mentally challenged, physically challenged… and I didn’t even gonna get into the politics or other media circus bullshit!! Heads up: UnFuckers Movie Night is coming up- date to be announced!!  We’re going to watch the …

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Crimes Against Humanity: Sarah Westall and Dr. Boyd Haley

If you’re going to watch just one video this weekend, this is the one it should be! In this two part series, Sarah Westall inverviews Dr. Boyd Haley, a well renown researcher and scientist, formerly head of his department at the University of Kentucky, all about Mercury- and it’s links to Autism & Alzheimers through amalgam fillings and Vaccines.  The corruption …

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Deep Immersion: May 16 2018

  As usual, when this group gets together to discuss anything, you never know where the conversation will lead… and last night was no exception.  We opened the discussion on the topic of Crystals: the energetic questions, and the “programming” and “deprogramming” of them…. which quickly led down paths of deep “woo woo” and a discussion of “Time” & “Reality”, …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, May 9th 2018

The absolutely insanity of the past few days, technology failing across the board- along with washing machines, cars and ovens, lol. and the biggest question: WHAT IS TIME? Ben joined me for a really deep discussion on Time, Analogue vs Digital, and 21 trillion pulse/pause theory by Clif High. d      

UnFuckIt Discussion, May 6th 2018

Last night’s UFI was all about throwing every theory we have on the table, and seeing what sticks.  The topic: WTF is going on with the weather and the earthquakes and floods and the physical stuff that we are feeling in our bodies.  Tossed onto the table: Nibiru, second sun, Simulated Sun, Simulated constructed universe… and a shit load of …

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Emerging “Global Brain”: Consciousness Expansion

This is a brilliant article by Mike Krieger at Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, which, surprisingly enough was picked up by Zerohedge yesterday. There’s been heightened chatter as of late, particularly in the Twittersphere, around the idea humanity might be undergoing a consciousness expansion. This concept seems to be going mainstream, which could be a great thing provided it doesn’t get turned into …

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Iran…. now connect the dots!

As I just said in the article I published a few minutes ago, the insanity of the anti-Iran agenda has reached epic proportions. Next Level of Insanity: Iran responsible for 9/11 The Insanity Award of the week so far goes to some ridiculous American Judge who has just decided that Iran is responsible for the (completely false flag) attacks of …

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