UnFuckIt Discussion, July 29 2020

The end of July and the Insanity continues across the world…. …I’ll let everyone know when UnFuckersUnite.com membership is ready to be relaunched and the Library is up and running!   Facebook group: Solar, Cosmic rays, & Geomagnetic effects on biology Monty’s YouTube Channel:  Wafer Thin Entertainment

UnFuckIt Discussion: Fuck this shit, I’m out…

What a fuckin’ week!!  Mass hysteria, mass insanity, mass mind control, mass public programming, and holy shit…..  overwhelming urge to head to the hills!  Masking, Big Brother is watching, your neighbors are snitching, contact tracing, protestors rioting, Governments grabbing, stores stealing, ….  It’s choice point time folks!!!                           …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: It’s all Lies!

Good evening UnFuckers!!  A Lively discussion made close to 2 hours just fly by on todays UnFuckIt Discussion: “Pandemics” that aren’t, history, science, conspiracy facts, money and finance… we went everywhere today!! First Announcement: UnFuckers Meet up in the UK!!!!  Sunday July 26th at noon in West Bromwich, West Midlands- for details you can contact me at dani (at) rts …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, July 8 2020

After a break for a week, we were back at it again today- the UnFuckIt Discussion as usual went speeding through multiple topics- with a focus on history at the moment!!!     …and the Unfuckersunite.com membership site will be up and running again very soon!!!!!