The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 21 2022

Happy Yule and merry solstice my friends! ‘Tis the season to be…. depressed?  There is a lot of heavy energetic shit floating around and the UnFuckers dived into the realms of dealing with depression and stress… and then we talked about the latest news, lol!! UnFuckers’ Members: do not forget about the Christmas Marathon Party this weekend: starting from 2pm …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 14th 2022

Beware the pendulum swing!  When we know that the “Main stream media” are lying to us, that does NOT mean that the “Alt media” are automatically telling the truth.  Far from it.  I opened last nights UnFuckIt discussion with the latest MAJOR news that thoroughly debunks and completely disproves the “Alt media” lies about Graphene Oxide and parasites being put …

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Following the REAL science.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve put out a written article, but this morning, after watching this video, I immediately knew that it was time to sit back down and start writing again. For the past almost 3 years, since the inception of the “pandemic” I’ve continuously cautioned people against falling for the latest news, the latest “reports” …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion , Dec 7 2022

  This weeks UnFuckIt Discussion from Dec 7th 2022.  We’ve talked for ages about the “distractions” and what is a distraction vs what are they distracting us from, and Wed night we dug back down into this topic as we take a good look at the latest financial information coming out.  

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 30 2022

This week on the UnFuckIt Discussion we talk about the US Supreme Court hearing/case with regards to the 2020 presidential elections, and we get into  the FTX debacle again, looking at the global economic failures.       Links from this weeks UFI Discussion: Video about the Supreme court hearing that we discussed at the beginning of the show: Juan …

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