UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 18 2021

It’s the usual gang, with all the usual topics tossed onto the table…and a good dose of laughter to go along with it all!        

UnFuckIt- Special Discussion: Censorship & Political Upheaval

WTAF is going on right now? The world is spun out in a psychotic out of control spiral of madness, leaving us in a state of shock, asking the questions: what’s really happening? What are “they” doing? What do “they” know that they aren’t telling us? Censorship has now risen to a level that we never thought possible, with a …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 11, 2021

With all the insanity in the past week, we definitely had no lack of topics to discuss.  Covid19 latest bullshitery, the window of “Time outside of Time” from the Solstice to January, Global Lockdowns, and political upheaval… and a very humorous discussion about swearing in different countries! Later this week we will have a special UnFuckIt discussion to take a …

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