UnFuckIt Discussion: June 27th 2018

  It’s almost July and we’re wondering where the months are disappearing to… almost as if time is disappearing itself….  I opened the discussion last night with a new theory: Jet Lag.  We also take a look at the idea of Prophecy, who’s prophecy, and who’s creating the narrative battle to set up the next “Prophetic” cycle. d   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_lag#cite_note-9 …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: June 20th 2018

Another week, more fuckery, more insanity, lol.  Last night we talked about “Time” and referenced some of the topics brought up by the movie “Inception” that the UnFuckers watched together on Sunday night.  Ben and I also got into the “time” vs “currency”, “magnetic” vs “electrical” energy systems… it get’s a bit woo woo out there for a while, lol. …

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Deep Immersion, ann & dani: Inception Point

Last night the UnFuckers watched Inception together and OH MAN….. If you haven’t watched Inception I highly recommend you do. If you haven’t watched it in years…. it’s time to dust it off and watch it again. This morning Ann Callaghan and I were chatting about the “weirdness”… This is our conversation from this morning.  We’d like to hear from …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: June 13 2018

Yet another week of insanity, lol.  What can I say at this point? Just assume that every week will be more crazy than the last? Among a ton of other things, we discussed Bourdain’s “Suicide” and the seeming trend by hollywood stars to commit suicide by hanging themselves from a doorknob….  We also got into several pieces from the Discussion …

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Transpicuous Views with Cara St Louis: The Fae Lectures

After 3 months of planning, technical failures, and ridiculous interruptions, today Cara St Louis and I finally were able to record this discussion on her Fae Lectures, and it was well worth the wait! Cara recounts her introduction to the “Fae” and her journey to discovering the deeper story hidden in the bardic tales and writings about the Fae, the …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: June 6th 2018

  Oh the weirdness abounds! Our conversation last night wandered everywhere, from weird storms, to magnetic fields around Hawaii’s active volcano, to mandela effects, to history, to- once again- the question of whether we live in a computer simulation. I also announced that Sunday nights will be UnFuckers Movie Night!!  If you’d like to join us in the Zoom Live …

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UnFuckers Movie Night: The Fifth Element

  Last night the UnFuckers got together to just chill, hang out and watch a movie together:   If you’d like to join us for Movie Night, please register at UnFuckers Unite