Circle of White Light Radio, May 30 2021

Last night I joined Alan James on  the Circle of White Light Radio Show, and we had a very interesting discussion, ranging from the COVID insanity, to the latest Pentagon UFO announcements, to the insidious division that is going on across the planet between the "awake" and "asleep" populations. I came on during the second half of the show after Dr.  Sherri…


Transpicuous News May 29 2021

.... you know, there are days when I think I'm doing a comedy show, instead of the News show!!!  It's been another one of those crazy weeks!!     Links from this episode:  


Astrology 2.0: Battle of the Charts

After a long break, Amina, Jules, Meghan and Dani got together today to discuss the latest planetary influences in the middle of all of this current insanity. We also pulled up the charts for Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Jeff Bezos and Klaus Schwab, taking a deep look at where they are, what their influences are, and where they may be going really…


Transpicuous News: May 25 2021

The latest news in the COVID debauchery - from the CDC changing the rules and hiding the evidence, to the UK's latest turn around- proving yet again that the Conspiracy Investigators were right all along. The world is in upheaval- quite literally- with weather and geophysical events that are astounding..... "Day after Tomorrow" anyone?             Links from…


Transpicuous News: Geomagnetics, Heliobiology, & Magnetic Fields in Medicine

Today on Transpicuous News I discussed the effects of "magnets" and magnetic fields in the area of "viruses" and COVID19, the biological effects of geomagnetics and solar events on human (and animal and plant) biology, and debunked the "fact checkers", lol.  A couple of books you might…

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UnFuckIt Discussion May 19 2021

The Insanity continues!  Satire is the basis of our reality at the moment it seems.  Last night we tore into the latest "news", the "greater reset", and bullshit that is "over population" and outlined that it's not that there are too many people on this planet, but that the corporatocracy  that controls everything from oil to wheat is purposefully mismanaging everything.  Welcome…


Transpicuous News May 19 2021

The latest insanity across our planet: is it The Onion? or is it CNN? Satire has become our reality. The latest Bill Gates bullshit, cancel culture out of control, and who's trying to take over the planet this week... it's all in this TN Report!!…


Transpicuous News May 13 2021

The Insanity is almost painful.....  The latest in Covid fuckery, Generals writings letters to their governments, Gas "shortages", Ransomware, Dracula's Castle gets a makeover, and The Clowns team up to tell you everything you need to know about "The Jab".... all this and more in this installment of "2021: the year of Jackasses"       Links for stories from this Episode:…


UnFuckIt Discussion May 12 2021

Welcome to Clownland my friends!!  The Insanity levels increase every week, leaving us wondering what climax could possibly look like.  This week we got into all the usual rants & discussions- the latest Covid Craziness, political preposterousness, financial fraudery, and all round global grotesque'ery. In the past two weeks I have put out several Transpicuous News Episodes that seemingly aren't being seen....…


Transpicuous News, May 8 2021

A special news report, especially for all my UK friends!! The British Government has released a list of the 12, count 'em 12 whole countries that are in the new "Green Zone" that you are "allowed" to travel to!!!