Transpicuous News: What do North Korea and the Plague have in Common?

Last night on Transpicuous Views, I opened with a short Transpicuous News report: What do North Korea and the Plague have in Common? Short answer: nothing more than distraction!!   d Links  

Transpicuous Views Aug 13 2017: Common Unity to be who we ARE.

Last nights Transpicuous Views ran through a range of topics, from “Starving Mystic Syndrome”, to actually BEING in the “Now”, to “how to deal with teenagers” (lol) to coming to that place where you can ALLOW people to just be themselves- without judgement or argument.  Once again, we discussed “community” or: Common Unity, and working on bringing people together, regardless …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: What IS this Reality?

Last night’s UnFuckIt Discussion was awesome and illuminating and invigorating.  We discussed the question:  What IS this reality we are living in?  And opened the floor to all the aspects, all the questions, all the theories.  From “They Truman Show”, to “The Matrix”, to “Dark City”.  Is it a physical construct?  A computer simulation?  A hologram?  A petri dish? Or …

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Transpicuous Views Aug 6 2017: Ancient Stones, Scripts, the Construct & AI

  Journeying deeper down the rabbit hole, yet again, and asking really wild “What if” questions about this reality we are in.  Are some of the massive stone monuments actually part of the original construct?  Are some of the famous stone monuments nothing more that distractions to keep us from looking for the real ones? We looked at some of …

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UnFuckIt Discussion August 2 2017

I don’t usually post an article to go with the archives of the UnFuckIt Discussion, but we covered a lot of information last night and I wanted to make sure everyone had access to all the links.   love d     LINKS: The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup …

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Notice to New Users trying to register

Date Aug 4, 2017 Issue has been solved. User emails are working again. Thank you for your patience.     Date Aug 1 2017 We are currently having some issues with our server configuration and how it processes emails, images and updates. New user registration emails are not being sent by the system. This is a deep issue that I …

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