Transpicuous News April 29 2017: CERN LHC is powering up again

Well I guess their official winter break time is over.  Today the LHC in CERN fired up again and began injecting protons. According to CERN: On 21 April beams circulated in the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) for the first time this year. All four elements of CERN’s accelerator chain – Linear Accelerator 2 (Linac2), the Proton Synchrotron Booster (PSB), the Proton Synchrotron…


Updates on Apr 28 2017

Updates on   1- Registration for various parts of the new site: WARNING:  all the activation emails are going to people's Spam/Junk folders!! Right now you will have to register/login for various sections of the site independently, ie: rts earth is a separate login/registration, and you have to register/login for the unfuckers section, and again if you wish to list a…


Transpicuous News: Introducing RTS Earth Community

Transpicuous News Special, April 27th 2017. Today I'm taking everyone on a walk through of the new RTS Earth Community. Removing the Shackles now has a permanent home, that will include UnFuckers Unite, Social Media, Forums, Live Stream Shows, and the RTS Earth Classifieds & Shopping Mall. We have also just launched- through the classifieds section- a Barter area, a Freecycle, and…


Launching RTS Earth Community Website

Tonight I will be hosting the soft launch of the new RTS Earth Community website!! We are still tweeking a few things and there are still a lot of new sections to be built, but we'd like to invite everyone to come in an play!! Please join us tonight, right here on As I walk everyone through the new website, and…


Transpicuous Views: Dimensions, Timelines & Spheres

I recorded this conversation April 7 2017 with Denice and "Stan".  Prior to this conversation were several chats and a massive amount of information that, for me, stemmed from a particularly interesting article which I will post below the video.  Along with the Chat log from Denice and I's conversations that spanned a couple of days. Magnetics..... it seems that so many…


Transpicuous Views: The Matrix Construct, with Randy Maugans

In This episode of Transpicuous View I have Randy Maugans, from Off Planet Radio with me to discuss "The Construct". We look through several theories from the idea of a computer simulation/hologram, to an actual physical construct, using the "Mandela Effect" (Toto Effect/ WTF Effect) as the benchmark, or physical "symptom", if you will, that we are not in Kansas any more!!…

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TV April 16 2017, Dani with Randy Maugans