The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 16 2022

Last night on the UnFuckIt Discussion, Dani opened with a rant about science, “compartmentalization”, and the broad reaching effects it has on our planet- especially in our current “education” systems.          

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 9 2022

Last night was the first show that used the new format.  We’ll be having 1 hour UnFuckIt Discussions, followed by the members chat from now on. At this moment in time, I feel that our members meet ups are the most important thing to focus on, to help, and support members going through some very difficult times.  If you’d like …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Feb 2 2022

After two weeks of moving house insanity, the UnFuckIt Discussion is BACK!! Time…. What is “time”? Just in “time” for  2/2/2022 numerology madness…. Last nights chat opened with the topic of the wild shifting that many of us are currently feeling, with a side discussion about “time” and our perception of this reality. It was an amazing conversation last night, …

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