UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 30th 2019

After Transpicuous News, we went right into the UnFuckIt Discussion, talking about the insanity of the past few weeks, the physical “symptoms” of whatever kind of strange fields/energies/particles our reality is moving through at the moment.  After we said good bye to our LIVE stream audience on Twitch TV, the UnFuckers hung out on zoom and kept chatting.  The video …

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Transpicuous News Jan 30 2019

  In last night’s Transpicuous News update, I spoke about the Geomagnetic instability of our planets shields and showed some of the anomalies from the past few days in the latest charts.  I also spoke about what is happening in Venezuela and cautioned people to please watch this event very closely: we are seeing 2011 and Libya playing out again …

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Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update, Jan 24th 2019

  Well yesterday was certainly interesting for a lot of people!! We saw some wild geomagnetic stuff happening all day yesterday, but especially at 20:00/8pm UTC (2pm EST).  In this geomagnetic update, I show the last 36 hours or so in our magnetosphere and solar wind speed velocities, but I also pull up feeds from January 6th 2015 to show …

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Transpicuous News Jan 19 where the wind blows

  Sorry for the delay darlins.  Today we’re taking yet another look at the geomagnetic fields of Earth and our magnetosphere- Jan 17th was an interesting day my friends!! Please go over to Twitch.TV and “follow” our channel so that you can watch our LIVE stream shows and get notifications! https://www.twitch.tv/removingtheshackles   Earlier this month Mark Elkin put out an …

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UnFuckIt Discussion Jan 16 2019

Fabulous discussion last night!  I was in a really bad mood when we started, after having a miserable day, but by the end, I felt so much better!!  My UnFucker Family Rocks! The UnFuckIt discussion is LIVE Streamed every Wednesday on Twitch TV- please go register at twitch and “follow” our channel to receive notifications of every show! https://www.twitch.tv/removingtheshackles d

UnFuckers Movie Night: the Lego Movie

  … not just for kids! The Lego movie has some very very interesting pieces in it 😉 …. and not just because it’s made of Lego, lol!  We had an interesting conversation last night after the movie! d    

UnFuckIt Discussion: the Eurasian edition!

Today was the first UnFuckIt Discussion that we have had during my daytime/zone!  Once a month we will be doing a weekend “Eurasian” UnFuckIt discussion so that those of us over on this side of the world can be actually wide awake for our chat, lol! Today we talked a lot about the geomagnetics of Earth and the current place …

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Transpicuous News update: Magnetic North Pole is now in Siberia

  Further to our conversation about the Magnetic North Pole very rapidly moving across the Arctic, I commented in the UnFuckers group that in late 2017 a friend of mine, Ihor, had sent me a Russian science article that outlined that the magnetic north pole was no longer anywhere near where they are telling us it is, and that it …

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Transpicuous News Jan 12 2019: we need a new measuring stick

  Transpicuous News for Jan 12 2019 and we are yet again looking at the magnetosphere for the past 48 hours.  The “blasts” are amping up and from 8pm UTC till 8am this morning the magnetosphere was in a constant barrage of energy hitting our planet. As I mentioned in the video, I highly recommend that everyone take an hour …

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Lights in the Sky… not a bird, plane or superman

  After all of the discussions we’ve had over the past couple of weeks, this article should definitely ring some bells… *ding *ding  *DING*  Something is definitely happening in our Magnetic fields when the talking heads make sure that this news is being covered on every main stream news site, in every country. EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD HAS MOVED UNEXPECTEDLY AND …

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