Astrology 2:0, Mid Summer Madness

Well…. 2020 has been rather “interesting” so far. Seriously…. What the fuck was THAT?!?  Amina, Jules, Meghan and I sat down to have an in depth discussion on what the hell was the last 6 months, and what’s coming in over the next 6 months.    

UnFuckIt Discussion, June 24 2020

Crazy energy, Crazy times, Crazy discussion!!!  We went all over the place in this weeks UnFuckIt discussion, from the epic energetic sideswipe that seem to slam a lot of people this past weekend, to “what are they going to try and distract us from next?”, to discussing the fuckery of “history” and religions, to the co-opting of the alternative media …

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UnFuckIt Discussion June 17 2020…. insanity continues

Another week, yet another level of insanity has been reached. What’s coming?  Something is coming, but exactly what it is, we don’t know.  But holy shit folks, the distractions have reached epic proportions!!!  

UnFuckIt Discussion, A simulation within a simulation within a simulation….

  Welcome to the simulation…?  Have you watched Westworld?  Season 3 opens with the question being asked “what if we are in a simulation within a simulation….how would we know?”.  And if we ARE in a simulation (within a simulation), how do we break the simulation?  UnFuckers and I got into a really in depth conversation on this subject, looking …

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UnFuckIt Discussion…the insanity continues

  June is here ….and the insanity has continued on an exponential growth scale.   Besides discussion all the current craziness that’s going on around us, we got into a VERY interesting conversation about astrology, symbology, esoteric hidden knowledge, history, and reality itself…. ….there might just be a new show that comes out of this!             …

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