UnFuckIt Discussion, April 27 2022

Oh the distractions!!!!  Snake venom, and zombie apocalypse, and the coming “Marburgh” pandemic…. seriously, so much bullshit it’s surprising we’re not all covered in mushrooms!!! It’s time to circle the wagons and focus on the things that are important- like building local communities and groups to support each other and work together- instead of focusing our time and energy on …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, April 20 2022

We have officially entered the next level of Clown World:  we are now in Uber Clown World Circus of Freak Shows. The latest insane, horrific news story out of Canada, and a Solar Update were our opening stories for last nights show.  Side Note: that super big sunspot that I talked about during the solar update, shot off a large …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, April 13th 2022

We opened the discussion with a brief update on the intense solar/geomagnetic activities over the past weekend, and then we dove right into Dani’s latest rant: Snake Venom is NOT the cause of covid, nor is it in your water…..ffs.