Astrology 2.0: The Great Reject

A note about this discussion yesterday:  At the end of the show, we had a major mandela effect jump out at us.  It bowled us over so much that we will be doing a round table discussion on it in the very near future!!          

RTS/UnFuckers Update- Jan 28 2018

…We knew it was bad….. But we discovered yesterday just HOW bad the damage was. So as you all know, in December the server that hosts RTS Earth (and all of my other sites and JC’s sites) completely crashed, and we lost all of our RTS Earth data from Aug 15- end of December, when our hosting site moved us …

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RTS Update Jan 17th 2018

Good morning darlins 😀 JC and I have been hard at work on RTS Earth’s website. At the moment we have the layout almost perfect, though we are dealing with a couple of error codes on the home page (you’ll see the formatting for the auto-feed of posts is a disaster), and in the category pages for TN, TV, etc, …

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Time to Renovate!!!!

  Well darlins, I’m working on RTS Earth right now, and slogging through the mess.  I will have to remove the “wall” and maybe the groups as well, as I am trying to clean up a bunch of stuff.  So I’m just letting everyone know that the site may get all wonky this week and various places may not be …

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RTS Earth & Gaea’s Garden Update

So far, 2018 has been all about rebuilding!!  I recorded this brief update to let everyone know what’s going on with RTS Earth and Gaea’s Garden.  As many of you know, in early December our server basically imploded and all of our websites went down for almost 3 weeks.  We’re on a new server and have begun the process of …

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Let New Year’s Eve actually BE NEW!!!

Join me tonight! At Midnight, tell the fuckers NO MORE!! Post your city, the time, and your statement of NO FUCKIN’ MORE!! I’m hoping we can get a continuous stream of posts on social media for the next 24 hours!!!   

Well that was a trip…

I have to thank all the members for their patience during this impossible recovery. Almost all issues that could have erupted, did. Including a messed up database that had to be repaired line by line, manually. I hope it’s all fixed, but I doubt it. If you find something. Please let me know. John.