The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 23 2022

This weeks latest insanity- another look at the FTX Debacle, the current financial collapse and a few hypothesis’ of what may be going on in the back ground.      

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 16 2022

The UnFuckIt Discussion from Nov 16 2022, …another episode of “nothing to see here” news, with a “go woke, go broke” report to start the insanity off, lol!    

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 2 2022

…And so it begins. The wave of evidence that screams to the world that the pandemic was “poorly handled” at the very least, and outright fraud and criminal at the other end of the spectrum, has turned into a tsunami, crashing over governments and media alike. The denials of guilt, the whitewashing, and the spin doctoring of history of the …

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