Transpicuous News June 21 2021

The latest Insanity around the world and the “news” that the News isn’t talking about.         Dr McCullough again- this time talking VERY clearly, without hiding his true opinion of what COVID19 is, the vaccine, and the entire “Pandemic” to keep the people in FEAR. I HIGHLY recommend watching this video beginning to end. Canadian Covid …

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Transpicuous News, June 2 2021

In today’s episode of Transpicuous News, we’re talking about UFOs, lost military groups taking over foreign factories, the last covid insanity, and a major heads up for tonights UnFuckIt Discussion.       News Links for this episode: COVIDIAN UPDATE June 1 2021    


 We’re now entering the second half of the second year of “COVID”, and there has been a very interesting shift- not in the independent reports coming out about both the “Virus” and the “Vaccine”, but in the breadth of knowledge and information that is now being shared by so many people. In the past week I’ve come across several excellent …

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Transpicuous News May 29 2021

…. you know, there are days when I think I’m doing a comedy show, instead of the News show!!!  It’s been another one of those crazy weeks!!     Links from this episode:  

Transpicuous News: Geomagnetics, Heliobiology, & Magnetic Fields in Medicine

Today on Transpicuous News I discussed the effects of “magnets” and magnetic fields in the area of “viruses” and COVID19, the biological effects of geomagnetics and solar events on human (and animal and plant) biology, and debunked the “fact checkers”, lol.  A couple of books you …

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Transpicuous News May 13 2021

The Insanity is almost painful…..  The latest in Covid fuckery, Generals writings letters to their governments, Gas “shortages”, Ransomware, Dracula’s Castle gets a makeover, and The Clowns team up to tell you everything you need to know about “The Jab”…. all this and more in this installment of “2021: the year of Jackasses”       Links for stories from …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, May 5 2021

Last nights UnFuckIt Discussion was a fast paced conversation that ranged through a multiple of topics, from the latest Covid bullshittery, physical symptoms like sudden aches and pain in body parts, to political insanity that’s showing itself across the planet…and a whole lotta laughs.        

Transpicuous News May 3 2021

Welcome back to Transpicuous News, as we take a walk through the current craziness across our planet, including the latest Whitehouse insanity, who pays the factcheckers, Australia’s authorization to administer covid vaccine….poisons, the latest “Deagel” news, ET’s new interstellar research library, and the icebergs that made the world spin wobbly…. and my latest “Theory”!!     Links for this episode …

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