The UnFuckIt Discussion, July 20 2022

This weeks UnFuckIt Discussion, talking about the latest insanity from the clownworld we live in …and a few rants to spice up the hilarity of it all, because sometimes you just have to laugh at all this crazy bullshit!!          

The UnFuckIt Discussion, July 13 2022

This week’s UnFuckIt Discussion, where the UnFuckers get together to discuss the latest insane fuckery going on in the world…. and oh boy is there a LOT of fuckery going on!!!             Ex-KGB Explains “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion” … It’s All Happening Now (video)

The UnFuckIt Discussion, July 6 2022

The World has reached Gotham City levels of crazy this week, and there is no Batman to thin out the criminals and clinically insane people running the world.  Seriously….. where do we go from here?  The way forward, in my opinion, is creating our own communities and working to build them up to the point of self sufficiency.     …

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