The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 24 2021

Well, what a mess of a week!  What a mess of a day!  Technology was a major problem for last nights UnFuckIt Discussion, and unfortunately, I could not get the LIVE stream to work (or my mic, or my camera….).  Lots of ranting in our discussion this week, mostly by me- sorry, people shouldn’t do shows when they are extra …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 17 2021

Last nights UnFuckIt discussion was a great adventure all over the map, lol.  From the weekly rants about covid bullshittery, to the latest political stupidity, and then onto deeper topics like, what is the Ego, and the role it plays in humanity’s journey.  AND… I announced the start of a new show!!!  The first episode of “With our own hands” …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 10 2021

Our regular UnFuckIt Discussion with the regular crew of UnFuckers.  Lots of laughs last night, and the occasional rant and groan to go along with it!   Videos mentioned during the discussion:      

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 3 2021

Our regular UnFuckers discussion went all over the place last night. If you missed it, on Tues Nov 2nd, I did a special report on Solar Events & Geomagnetics and their effects on our planet and our selves.  I kept the discussion very simple and went right back into the basics to explain to people what I’m talking about when …

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TN: Solar & Geomagnetic events- Welcome to the Jungle!

The 25th Solar cycle kicked off with a bang last week, when we had an X1.0 Solar Flare on Oct 28th.  With myself and so many others posting about the solar event, there were a LOT of questions from people who are new to this topic, so I decided to host a special report on Solar events and geomagnetics and …

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