Let’s Talk about UnFuckers

Hi darlins!  This is just a brief update about UnFucker’s Unite- both the facebook group and the RTS Earth Community. I want to open up the discussion on this topic and give you UnFuckers the opportunity to express yourselves and give me your thoughts and ideas.

It’s been pointed out to me by a lot of people that they really don’t want the  UU Facebook group closed down/archived. And some of the reasons given are very valid. So let’s talk about it.
We all know the negatives of Facebook. We know that they are collecting our data, monitoring our every post, and to be perfectly frank- fucking with our posts/feeds/groups etc… On the plus side, as has been pointed out by a lot of people, FB is a social media planet where millions live, converse, share and explore, and that gives us an opportunity to expand conversations.
The Creation of RTS Earth wasn’t just about replacing facebook with a private social media hang out for UnFuckers. It was about creating a community where people can work together, and expand their knowledge and friendships in a way that we are incapable of doing on Facebook. RTS Earth is meant to be much much more than just a place to hang out and chat and post info/thoughts/memes, and have discussions. But everything I want to create IN RTS Earth is a moot point if there are no people there to share and experience it- Know what I mean?  So this


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  1. What I have found from years on the internet (I go as far back as AOL in the mid 80s before there WAS an internet) and you have as well I am sure is that people are ALWAYS **COMING and GOING**. By leaving the FACEBOOK “Unfuckers Unite!” page open you will constantly be REPLENISHING people and spreading the word just as you said in your video about RTS. I also like that you can share ARTICLES that have been found on Facebook into the group and use that as new forms of conversation. I’m sure that can be done on RTS as well, but to what degree I don’t know but things move fast on Facebook so words and stories get spread faster than say someone stumbling upon a story out there on the internet outside of social media. That’s just my two cents. I’m a newbie, came here and left before and came back. There will always be arguments, trolls and issues no matter where you go. I would love to check out what fascinating information and future endeavors you wish to explore on RTS but I ALSO DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THE WORLD WIDE CONNECTION that FACEBOOK BRINGS US CONSTANTLY EVERY DAY to us in an ever growing and expanding social scene……Facebook issues and all, we at least know what we can and can’t get away with on Facebook and what we cannot get away with can be taken to RTS to be expanded upon further in an uninhibited way. But I agree with NICK that you should keep “UNFUCKERS UNITE!” open on FACEBOOK. I’ve signed up for RTS but maybe I’m one of those “hooked on Facebook” people that you mentioned. Perhaps it’s because I know what to expect, I can block people if a problem occurs and I can add people as they come into the group and we find all these amazing people to grow through and with and share love with as friends. I just am afraid if you close “Unfuckers Unite!” it will last for a while and then eventually people will disperse and you will have no way to BRING MORE PEOPLE into your community on RTS. Those are my thoughts. I’m not one of the main people here though. But you asked. Whatever you decide Dani Arnold-McKenny it’s ultimately YOUR decision though. You are the one who wants total control and that means your time has to be spread between the two places. The final decision is yours. Whatever you decide, I’ve enjoyed it and love these people immensely. So many amazing people with so much love and light and intellectual interests to share. You’ve created an amazing place. Thank you.

  2. You are just amazing D. Honestly, I think what needs to happen with our FB page is a “slow fade”… it won’t take too long to move the people over once they catch on that so many are chatting it up on rts earth. People get comfy on fb, and we need to be taken out of our “comfort zones” in order to keep moving, growing, and coming closer as a community of friends and family. You got this Dani! Much love. ~Jayne

  3. Morning/Afternoon/Evening Dani and fellow Unfuckers. I have a simple comment…. This reality we exist is is fucked up, it is held together by systems created to control. We go to the bank to “loan Money” when in fact we don’t borrow anything, we create it. Just because everyone does it, does not mean we should all follow suit and does not make it right.!! The problems is that most people don’t even know what systems are in place to control and how….
    As you point out, Facebook is doing everything you say it is and we cannot and should not use a tool of evil to fix evil, not going to happen.!!

    As Einstein was purported to say “You cannot fix a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it!”
    This obviously means we cannot fix the system by using the system, many have tried over the years, it doesn’t work..!!!
    John and I have been attempting with our shows to provide information, to those who should be interested, to help them avoid using the system or question those who believe they are the authorities why it should be used.
    We are attempting to build Unfuckers Island…. never going to happen while everyone wants to continue to use the tools built to control/monitor them. Remember the woman in the Red Dress?? The juicy steak instead of nutrient filled slop..?
    Unfuckers Island in its limited form means just that, a place away from all the stupids, but really it means we take over this place and make it ours.. for the benefit of all!!!

    Facebook does nothing for us as a group that individual Unfuckers can’t do on their own facebook.It is meant to be a private group, nothing on the internet is really private but writing and posting anything on a group of privately owned computers using the platform created to monitor us strikes me as a little asinine and insane..

  4. Dani, You really are amazing in the questions you ask and the timing you have..!!!

    With RTS it is in place, up and going. It seems like it still needs lots of massaging to become that much more user friendly,, but its there. Seems like the intent is there also. An alternative away from facebook, and a place that some indepth conversations can happen that involve moving forward, connecting dots, and transparency. That happens on a level that just can not happen on FB.
    Its also cultivating the type of community your envisioning. Hell if we pop out of the perverbail “Here” construct tomorrow, its gone,,, if we are still in the apparent “Here”,, well we still have RTS site to play with.

    I see that trying to move away from FB is important but I also think shutting down is a mistake. FB is REALLY good at a one stop shopping and someone can see a lot of data and idea in a very short amount of time, not to mention pretty easily navigate such a vast space. There are also a lot of people out there who are just starting to connect dots, and the UU FB page is a really good place for the learning curve. I have started experiencing that new people are coming in and there is past info they don’t know about.
    As an example yesterday there was the conversation about Lily Earth. I gave the history of what I saw go on (I was there during that time) and my opinion of whats going on with her,, and a couple people thanked me because they had a very general point of reference, one mentioned the info was a relief for them. I have found this happening more where someone asks a question and there is someone that can give a short history blip of what was experienced or discovered.

    So I would ask this. From a navigation perspective,, Its not just what is the intent of the FB UU group (which is very important). It also seems like we have the idea of Discernment down.
    But a new question or word I would like to introduce. Whats the Corollary..? (Or that which is obvious or organically connected).
    Kind of like if the judge is a position and the position is a fiction. Why am I trying to talk to a Human who has taken on the energy and awareness of a fiction. When I could be talking to the Human in the first place with out all that fiction.

    This brings the question back to me. I see using the UU group as a place to make snapshot posting with little comment. And use the RTS site where I can post more details or a lot more depth.

  5. I joined FB 2008 when it was still pretty much just posting to “the wall”. Each time FB integrated new elements, it taught us how to use it to expand our reach. RTS is not integrated enough at this time for people to feel comfortable to “find” their way around. For example, I would have to bookmark the areas I want to see, where my FB wall shows me. I wonder how much I will miss out on once FB UU closes. Not enough people know how to navigate RTS. I do think FB UU will have to close at some point because I know how time consuming monitoring a active group can be. It can consume your time that could be used working on other things. What about keeping UU opened a few months longer and posting topics to be discussed on RTS much like you did for this post? It will teach people how to use RTS. Post certain topics in the groups, to get people used to logging into RTS. The first comment on this post had a valid response about how easy FB is to share content within that platform. I think once the sharing aspect becomes easier on RTS, then people will feel more comfortable moving over. Another solution might be to find more active monitors for FB UU so it can stay opened but allow you to focus on RTS.
    Thank you Dani for all that you have done, and will continue to do 🙂 <3

  6. I am not big on words and as someone who has only been here a short time I would say keep it open for reasons stated so well in the above posts.


  7. Ok well let’s please move on. I for one have been sitting on my hands to keep from chewing my nails waiting for people to be ready for this. What I am seeking atm is people who have physics and math skills who might be able to add to or correct the formularic work I am doing for magnetic fields produced and polar applications for mutually beneficial apparatus…Will I need to create sub group? How does this work Dani?

  8. After more than 500 postings on rts.earth and seeing that not many people have come over…to participate at least…rts.earth won’t fly if people don’t register and use it…FB doesnot give a rats ass if you stay or leave…if you are addicted to it…stay
    See you around but not on FB

  9. I am new, and have never been on fb, ever. For me, I will contribute all I can to RTS.Earth. Before “waking up”, I have spent my spare time sharing info with other crafter/artists, cooking stuff and so on. “Talking” with people of like minds or ones that challenge my thoughts and ideas is a good thing. ;D

    Dropping fb reminds me of my mom and sister being, still, on aol. Some people do not like change, no matter what. Sometimes, that holey pair of undies should go into the trash. Archiving and saving the info on fb is great for those who refuse to move past that medium. They can always come here for fresh updates, yes?

    All that is going on around is is Major Change, along with waking up. If people cannot change, how are they going to handle the bigger ones to come? A thought…

  10. I got off FB just before the other original founder/ partner quit FB and left the country and gave up his US citizenship over it.. confirmed my convictions of what direction I felt/knew FB was headed when he spoke about it. I say they all know about it by now on there and the one’s not ready to leave are already addicted to it. From what I’ve seen with ppl I used to work it, FB has become a real addiction dis-ease. I say shut it down after one last post about it closing down in about a week. People have been getting off FB for a WHILE now. Last numbers Internationally I saw of those actually still on FB was less than 1 Billion worldwide. Twitter is basically the only social network the majority still use and some other non-well known social media outlets for posts about live streams, etc. Discord has also become so much more popular and Kudos for adding it 😉

  11. Havn’t had a fb for 3 years and i never looked back so for me it’s easy to just come here , i just signed up and finding my way around , fb users might have more of a problem making the jump but wasn’t this site not 1 of the reasons to get of fb ? This needs to be build up and the only way doing this is to come here instead of fb , it’s everyone’s their own decision of course but i would stop posting on fb Dani for the time being and do it here instead , after a time you can always discide what you want to do with the fb UU room.

  12. RTS EARTH is creative and has great potential for growth; it seems to me to be a natural progression into the future. I say this because face book is great for information exchange and it’s fast (this can be addictive, but also distracting) and at times doesn’t really provide the arena for in depth exploration and development into ideas or topics of conversation that get posted. RTS has pages which provide areas of interest, still providing the ability to comment, but gives a chance to explore the topic without becoming distracted with the volume of info racing by. It would be great to give RTS EARTH a chance and I guess that means commitment to the community. I am no longer using facebook.

  13. For me I say archive the UU room people will still have f/b & all their other groups to play with. I am far from fully capable on rts. but it will come. I feel that if you leave it open to many want make the effort to change over. Ultimately it’s your choice Dani & what ever you decide I’ll be good with & thanks for being sweet wonderful you (((((Hugz)))))

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