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Let’s Talk about UnFuckers

Hi darlins!  This is just a brief update about UnFucker’s Unite- both the facebook group and the RTS Earth Community. I want to open up the discussion on this topic and give you UnFuckers the opportunity to express yourselves and give me your thoughts and ideas.

It’s been pointed out to me by a lot of people that they really don’t want the  UU Facebook group closed down/archived. And some of the reasons given are very valid. So let’s talk about it.
We all know the negatives of Facebook. We know that they are collecting our data, monitoring our every post, and to be perfectly frank- fucking with our posts/feeds/groups etc… On the plus side, as has been pointed out by a lot of people, FB is a social media planet where millions live, converse, share and explore, and that gives us an opportunity to expand conversations.
The Creation of RTS Earth wasn’t just about replacing facebook with a private social media hang out for UnFuckers. It was about creating a community where people can work together, and expand their knowledge and friendships in a way that we are incapable of doing on Facebook. RTS Earth is meant to be much much more than just a place to hang out and chat and post info/thoughts/memes, and have discussions. But everything I want to create IN RTS Earth is a moot point if there are no people there to share and experience it- Know what I mean?  So this



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