Transpicuous News March 26 2020

Global Updates for March 26 2020 Canada: Toronto closing all parks India announces $23bn bailout for its poorest UK-FINANCE: Banks under fire for coronavirus loans UK-FINANCE: Businesses ‘have disappeared in the blink of an eye’ UK: Self-employed ‘already in poverty’ France recalling troops from Iraq over coronavirus Saudi Arabia accepts UN call for coronavirus ceasefire in Yemen US FINANCE: Senate …

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Transpicuous Views, Ann & Dani 02/02/2020 No More Fear

Ann Callahan and I had an impromptu chat this morning and decided to release some of it publicly.  We talked about “timing”, with the “Coronavirus” and the “Pandemic that won’t”, and the insanity of this past month.  What are these waves that we are riding?  And we talked about the exhaustion…. and no more fear.  Have the controllers completely lost …

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Transpicuous Views with Cynthia Sue Larson: the Quantum Question

Last night on Transpicuous Views I was joined by physicist and author Cynthia Sue Larson, to dig down the rabbit hole of “mandela effects” and to look at the Quantum Questions.  Cynthia brought some brilliant insights to the table last night during our conversation, about the deeper Quantum effects on not just the “micro” as so many experiments focus on, …

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Transpicuous Views with Alan James

  Transpicuous Views August 7th 2019, with Alan James from Open Your Mind Radio, and Circle of White Light Radio Last night I had Alan James on with us live, and we had a great conversation about a ton of topics. Alan’s opening commends about beliefs and having a “fluid belief system” really hit home, and I highly recommend watching …

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Astrology 2.0: WTF?! July 6 2019

  After the Astrology 2.0: the UnHeard Waves, we dug into the question that’s on everyone’s mind:  WTAF is going on right now?  This was an excellent discussion of astrology meets electric universe theory and looking in depth at some of the major events unfolding around us planetarily at the moment.  

Astrology 2.0: The UnHeard Wave

  Today we dug into the first of the generational “waves”, labeled the “silent” ones born between 1928-1945. We discovered today, it’s not that they are “Silent”, but that they are the “Unheard” Wave.    

Transpicuous views Astrology 2.0 May 4 2019

Once again we assembled the Astrology team for the next edition of Astrology 2.0…. May the fourth be with us all! BRILLIANT discussion today!!  Amina, Jules, Meghan and I rode this roller coaster all over the place!!  We looked at the financial cycles of the planets, from the beginning of Usury, to the Rothschilds, political upheavals and revolutions, and the …

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Transpicuous Views May 1 2019: Mandatory Vaccines, 5G and global insanity

    This morning Ann Callaghan and I were chatting on Zoom and got into the topic of todays current bedlam, the huge push for Mandatory Vaccinations, 5G Roll out, new laws in Canada and UK to enable the government to censor social media, and all the rest of the current political insanity that is happening at the moment. d …

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