UnFuckers Movie: AVATAR- extended edition

Last night we watched the extended edition of the movie Avatar- which includes deleted scenes that are vital to really getting the back ground of the movie!  If you’ve seen Avatar, then no doubt you experienced the heart wrenching sadness, guilt, and anger towards “humans” by the end of the movie…. but what if this isn’t a movie about the …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, July 4th 2018

  Solar radiation, galactic cosmic rays, UVA/B, geomagnetics, electrical fields, equatorial regions, chemtrails, CERN, the frequencies of light…. or the light of frequencies…. Yea…. it was one of “those” discussions!!   d         Some interesting articles to note: http://www.ibtimes.com/sun-may-be-dimming-nasa-confirm-declining-luminosity-using-spacexs-payload-2629453 https://astronomynow.com/2018/07/04/nustar-x-ray-telescope-shows-eta-carinae-source-of-cosmic-rays/          

UnFuckIt Discussion: June 20th 2018

Another week, more fuckery, more insanity, lol.  Last night we talked about “Time” and referenced some of the topics brought up by the movie “Inception” that the UnFuckers watched together on Sunday night.  Ben and I also got into the “time” vs “currency”, “magnetic” vs “electrical” energy systems… it get’s a bit woo woo out there for a while, lol. …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: June 6th 2018

  Oh the weirdness abounds! Our conversation last night wandered everywhere, from weird storms, to magnetic fields around Hawaii’s active volcano, to mandela effects, to history, to- once again- the question of whether we live in a computer simulation. I also announced that Sunday nights will be UnFuckers Movie Night!!  If you’d like to join us in the Zoom Live …

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UnFuckers Movie Night: The Fifth Element

  Last night the UnFuckers got together to just chill, hang out and watch a movie together:   If you’d like to join us for Movie Night, please register at UnFuckers Unite      

UnFuckIt Discussion May 23: We’re not gonna take it!

Last Nights UnFuckIt Discussion was intense.  We discussed a lot of the Dreams that many people are experiencing- now and in the past, and the seeming repeats of certain dreams.  We dug into theories of just what the fuck we are experiencing, where it’s coming from and what it means.  Further into the conversation we got into the really deep …

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Transpicuous Views March 25: Solar Revolution

  Last night the UnFuckers and I got together to do something new: Watch a Movie!  The Movie we watched was “Solar Revolution” by Biophysicist Dieter Broers. This movie is an amazing scientific discussion about Consciousness, the mind, our brains and the pineal gland, DMT, our bodies electrical and magnetic fields, the Earth’s geomagnetic fields, Cosmic energy, and local and galactic …

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UnFuckIt Discussion: Jan 28 2018

Last night we kick backed and had an UnFuckIt discussion- talked about the latest interview with Clif High and his major data bomb drops this week on Transpicuous Views- oh there is so much more to these topics!!  I also discussed my move over to Steemit, and gave a bit of background on Steemit and my very limited comprehension of …

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RTS/UnFuckers Update- Jan 28 2018

…We knew it was bad….. But we discovered yesterday just HOW bad the damage was. So as you all know, in December the server that hosts RTS Earth (and all of my other sites and JC’s sites) completely crashed, and we lost all of our RTS Earth data from Aug 15- end of December, when our hosting site moved us …

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Transpicuous Views July 2 2017: The Exhaustive State of Blah

Blah.  Blah blah blah blah.  Exhausted and just Blah.  That seems to be the common consensus of this past month.  Too tired, too bored, too mind-numb to do anything. Last night’s Transpicuous Views was a perfect example of that, that after an hour of discussing all that I had planned to talk about- timeloops, the repeating cycles, etc……  there was …

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