Transpicuous Views, May 28th 2017: End of the Gathering

Welcome to , where the topics change continuously and you never know what we're going to be discussing next!  Saturday was the last day of the in Gozo , that took place over the past week, inside of time-warp bubble of cosmic hilarity and energetic WoW!  On this episode of Transpicuous Views I shared a few interesting photos that were taken by a friend of mine, of the moon, and Sirius. We also discussed Russia's new “Magic” discussions that are rumored to be perhaps new Laws? (This century's first Wizard Registry?!?), and again the influence (or not) of Russia in the world today with s focus on “History”.

We also had Claire join us to fill us in the the last few energetic workings that happened in Gozo last week.  INTERESTING STUFF!!!

Below are some of the photos and links that we discussed.

Links from this episode of Transpicuous Views:



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