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UnFucker’s Movie Night: Tomorrowland

A Disney movie with some VERY interesting pieces in it!  Tomorrowland… the time outside of time? A Secret dimension?  “Plus Ultra”: was/is it real? Or just an ingenious marketing scheme?  I’m put some of the links below that I discussed in the show.

Note: in pulling up the links to add to this archive, I found another interesting piece when I was looking up “Eiffel”- a software company called Eiffel:
From their “About us” page:

About Eiffel Software

Eiffel Software is recognized as the thought leader in making software projects predictable and controllable. EiffelStudio, the company’s flagship product and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), enables you to translate the real-world model in your head directly into a fully functioning implementation, seamlessly maintaining at all times a close correspondence between the two. When the requirements evolve, you know exactly where in the code to make the change. The result is systems that are developed quickly, work the first time around, and are easy to adapt when the world and the needs change.




EDITED TO ADD- I’d forgotten about this recording from the World Fair in 1964!!!  Listen to this!!!!



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