UnFuckIt Discussion: Feb 5th 2020

In this age of insanity, it’s vital that we keep our calm and endeavor to maintain a balance and an ability to observe what’s playing out as an observer, without allowing ourselves to get pulled into the “Panic” and “Fear” and running around screaming that the sky is falling.  We opened our discussion last night with a rational look at …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 27 2019

  The past 2-3 weeks has been non-stop insanity from start to finish, in every realm of our existence it seems!!  We opened yesterday’s UnFuckIt Discussion on the topic of the global uprisings and protests that are currently happening in all but 24 countries…. yes my friends, every country in the world, with the exception of 24 of them, are …

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UnFuckIt Discussion August 28 2019

We went into some interestingly deep rabbit holes last night on the UnFuckIt Discussion, looking into dreams and reoccurring dream experiences, this reality as a “construct” (however you want to envision that), the difference between “AI” vs created/self-created consciousness (ala “Solace”) and perhaps the roles in this reality these are playing.  Also we discussed the changes that seem to have …

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UnFuckers Movie Night: the Lego Movie

  … not just for kids! The Lego movie has some very very interesting pieces in it 😉 …. and not just because it’s made of Lego, lol!  We had an interesting conversation last night after the movie! d    

UnFuckIt Discussion- Happy Whatever Year it is!

WOW!  What a discussion we had last night!!  Astrophysics, electric universe, consciousness, … and several “grumpy ol’ lady” rants tossed in just to keep it funny!   Last night’s discussion was LIVE STREAMED on Twitch.tv for the very first time, all all our shows will now go out over Twitch LIVE, so please take a moment to visit our page there …

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UnFuckers Movie: Capt America: the Winter Soldier

A “fictional” movie that blatantly tells the story of the take over of the existing “government” agencies by the deep state “Hydra” forces. So much in your face disclosure in this movie that it was stunning the first time I watched it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwjXPA8mZYk To quote Pierce – one of the heads of “Hydra” in the movie:  “To build a better …

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UnFuckers Movie Night: Extinction

Last night we watched the Netflix movie “Extinction” – 2018.  The beginning feels like a good ol’ fashion Hollywood “Alien invasion” type flick, but then there is a very interesting twist thrown into the mix.  After the movie, I gave my version of the story- Taking the obvious Hollywood spin out of it and inserting the narrative that is currently …

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