The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 29 2021

The last UnFuckIt Discussion of 2021…. may we NOT have a repeat year for 2022!!! Wishing all you UnFuckers a great weekend, wherever you are, and the best intent for 2022!!!        

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 22 2021

What a crazy insane week it’s been!!! the UnFuckers get together for their weekly “what the actual fuck” discussion, and some good laughs were had by all!!        

The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 15 2021

HO HO HO…Welcome to the pre-Christmas insanity!!  Will we be locked down? Won’t we?  Is there a big Christmas dinner this year… or not?  And would we even listen to these idiots if they told us we had to stay home by ourselves?  Not a fuckin’ chance!! We definitely had a good laugh during the show last night!!!   Our …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 8 2021

What a week of Insanity!!  the UK government is spin doctoring the narrative as fast as they can, and everyone is trying to come up with new creative explanations for the sudden increase of heart attacks.  What’s really going on?  THAT was one of the prime topics of discussion last night! Please visit my new Youtube channel: the Lost Art …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Dec 1 2021

Welcome to Crazyland!  Where the Crazies have taken over the world and the insanity never stops!! After our initial run down of the latest deranged delusional news from around the world, we dug into some interesting discussions… and had quite a few laughs. As I’ve said over the past few shows, I’ve started up a new YouTube channel called the …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 24 2021

Well, what a mess of a week!  What a mess of a day!  Technology was a major problem for last nights UnFuckIt Discussion, and unfortunately, I could not get the LIVE stream to work (or my mic, or my camera….).  Lots of ranting in our discussion this week, mostly by me- sorry, people shouldn’t do shows when they are extra …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 17 2021

Last nights UnFuckIt discussion was a great adventure all over the map, lol.  From the weekly rants about covid bullshittery, to the latest political stupidity, and then onto deeper topics like, what is the Ego, and the role it plays in humanity’s journey.  AND… I announced the start of a new show!!!  The first episode of “With our own hands” …

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The UnFuckIt Discussion, Nov 10 2021

Our regular UnFuckIt Discussion with the regular crew of UnFuckers.  Lots of laughs last night, and the occasional rant and groan to go along with it!   Videos mentioned during the discussion: