You are currently viewing Transpicuous Views June 19 2017: The Current of Money

Transpicuous Views June 19 2017: The Current of Money

On this episode of Transpicuous Views, I was joined by our very own John Carl Anderson, Karl of Canada, and David Hodgeson to dig into the topic of “Money” and “Currency”.   We started off with a look at the back ground of what it actually is, who controls it, and how, and moved into areas that are new, such as Electronic/Digital Currencies- like bitcoin- and Blockchain technology.  We also got into the much deeper discussion of what the ISO is, how the Vatican has claimed “ownership” of your “soul” and how this came to be.  I mean… what is a “soul” anyway?

This discussion ran fast and furious over a myriad of topics to do with “Current” & “Money”, and “Legal” & “Lawful”  For those of you who are not familiar with the background information on these topics, I’ve included several documents and videos (below) that are excellent jump off points in this area of research.  We will definitely be reconvening this group again for further discussions on these topics as in the fast moving two hour segment we really barely scratched the surface of these rabbit holes.  Stay Tuned for this weeks UnFuckIt Discussion as we will be opening the floor to everyone to ask questions, give opinions, and discuss this topic with the UnFuckers.

For more information on John and Karl’s new show, Assentio Mentium.   Please go to the show page to listen to the archives of previous discussions.   John and Karl have invited everyone to join them in these weekly discussions, Sunday Mornings at 8:30am Pacific time zone:


… And the AfterShow Conversation was brilliant too!  Working on rendering that video to publish later this afternoon!!


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Links from this episode of Transpicuous Views:


Your Straw Man by BZ Riger on Scribd


Modern Money Mechanics by BZ Riger on Scribd





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