RTS Earth & Gaea’s Garden Update

So far, 2018 has been all about rebuilding!!  I recorded this brief update to let everyone know what’s going on with RTS Earth and Gaea’s Garden.  As many of you know, in early December our server basically imploded and all of our websites went down for almost 3 weeks.  We’re on a new server and have begun the process of rebuilding both websites.  On RTS, we lost ALL of our data from August 15th until the new server was loaded up at the end of December. EVERYTHING is just GONE!  So rebuild we will.

As I explained in this update, we will be moving to a paid membership format for RTS Earth as this is pretty much the only way to keep the site safe and to stop the thousands of spammers that have been hitting the site since we launched it in spring of 2017. We will be buying new programs etc to upgrade site as well.  All of the funds from the membership will go towards upgrading our existing software etc… and towards keeping JC and Ruff with a roof over their heads for this coming year.

On the Gaea’s Garden side of things, I’m also doing a major rebuild there as well.  Right now the GG shop is open for business as usual…. but the site is pretty raggedy looking- I will be working on that this weekend – I will be installing a new theme and then will have to re-fix all the product photos.

This week we launched our latest addition to our product line- Easy Emergency Essences!!  These are a rescue remedy for a lot of the shit many of us are experiencing lately:

We live in a chaotic world that seemingly tries it’s best to keep us off balance and scrambling to regain our footing. Stress, anxiety, anger and yes even fear, seep in occasionally. Whether its from work, home, friends & family, the news, or social media, the origin doesn’t really matter. Dealing with multi-faceted causes, requires help on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, and yes even “spiritual” and levels of higher consciousness

Easy Emergency Essences. These essences begin with a base of pure argan oil, with essential oils that I have mixed to address multiple symptoms & responses, and very special crystal essences to heighten and amplify these rescue remedies, all mixed into a 10ml glass bottle with a glass roller ball that is quick & easy to use.

For more information on our Emergency Essences please visit Gaea’s Garden here: http://gaeasgarden.com/emergency-essences/


I will update everyone very soon on when RTS will be taken down for renovations!!  Once that’s done, it’s time to rebuild our UnFucker Community off of facebook and onto our own private space!!

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