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RTS Update Jan 17th 2018

Good morning darlins 😀

JC and I have been hard at work on RTS Earth’s website. At the moment we have the layout almost perfect, though we are dealing with a couple of error codes on the home page (you’ll see the formatting for the auto-feed of posts is a disaster), and in the category pages for TN, TV, etc, are not showing ALL posts…. we’re working on figuring out what the freakin’ problem is and how to fix it.  BUT…. all the new posts (and old posts prior to Aug 15th 2017) are in there, and the groups, forum, and chat pages are all working again. We now have a new IP address, so if you can’t sign in, clear your Cache…. and it still may take a day or so for the changes to register with your computer.

Regular users will note that the “wall” is now gone.  We had to remove this as it was causing a massive slowdown on the site.  So, from now all on discussions will take place in the groups or in the forum. We also had to remove the original “gallery” (sorry Tom!), and we’ve set up a new one….. but we’re not necessarily happy with it, so I wouldn’t add any photos to it yet as there is a good chance it may get replaced once we have time to review the plugins.

As I’ve mentioned during the last RTS video update, we will be moving RTS Earth to a fully private site, with a paid membership. Everyone will continue to see all the articles and videos etc… without being a member,  but all the chat, groups, forums and Zoom etc… will now be private members only.  Also, we will be setting up a private members shop, where I will have all my Gaea’s Garden products listed which will have discounted prices from the Main Gaea’s Garden Shop retail prices, and where I can put out special offers for UnFuckers.  We will be using the resources from the paid membership to purchase new upgraded software and plugins for RTS Earth, new packaging for Gaea’s Garden, and for keeping a roof over JC and Ruff’s heads.  The monthly membership will be $5.00 cdn a month, or $50cdn paid for one full year. We will be setting this up in the next few days.  For current members of RTS, you may loose your accounts that you currently have…. we’re still working on the logistics of how the transfer over to the membership will work.

Once the RTS Membership is set up, I will be Archiving the Facebook UnFuckers Unite group within a week or two.

If anyone has any questions, you know where to find me :>D or you can email me at dani (at) rts dot earth




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