You are currently viewing Next Level of Insanity: Iran responsible for 9/11

Next Level of Insanity: Iran responsible for 9/11


The Insanity Award of the week so far goes to some ridiculous American Judge who has just decided that Iran is responsible for the (completely false flag) attacks of 9/11!!  I seriously cannot make this shit up!

US judge orders Iran to pay billions to families of 9/11 victims

….. ’cause everyone knows that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are such good pals with Iran that of course they would work together on this!!

Which brings us squarely to the biggest glaring fact that needs to be strongly highlighted in this:  In What reality does an American Judge have a “Right” to issue a demand to a Sovereign Nation to the tune of Billions of Dollars?  Short Answer: NONE.  There are no International Laws (that the US has or hasn’t signed) that gives District Judge George Daniels the ability or authority to issue this judgement.  As the article from states: “the ruling is seen as symbolic and unenforceable.”  Which then begs the question:  how much time and money has been spent on these court cases by Judge Daniels to make “Unenforceable” demands?  And to what end?

Very simply put, this is a propaganda machination to redirect attention away from the American Government itself by continuously blaming other countries for what was clearly a False Flag Attack, ala Operation Gladio, BY the Bush Government and the forces within the military that needed an excuse to march into the Middle East and take it over.





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