You are currently viewing Iran…. now connect the dots!

Iran…. now connect the dots!

As I just said in the article I published a few minutes ago, the insanity of the anti-Iran agenda has reached epic proportions.

The Insanity Award of the week so far goes to some ridiculous American Judge who has just decided that Iran is responsible for the (completely false flag) attacks of 9/11!! I seriously cannot make this shit up!
Shall we connect the dots as to the timing of this ridiculous court case? I’ve been saying that the “Transparency” levels in the media and political circuses is at the highest we’ve ever seen.  It is all being laid out very clearly for people to see for themselves.  So what else has just happened on the “Anti-Iran” propaganda front?  The Anti Media site lays this out quite nice and neatly:

First article, April 30th:

In a “bizarre” performance that conjured memories of former national security adviser Colin Powell’s infamous weapons of mass destruction speech in 2002, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday theatrically deployed props and powerpoint slides in an attempt to distort facts and convince his “audience of one“—U.S. President Donald Trump—that Iran is failing to comply with the nuclear accord.

“The Proof” offered by Netanyahu, was pretty much tossed in the garbage by most official oversight committees and groups, and called “old information” that was just re-packaged and re-labeled to further push Israel’s agenda of convincing the world to go to war with Iran.

National Iranian American Council (NIAC) President Trita Parsi:

Trita Parsi

“Responding to Netanyahu’s performance on Monday, Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said the prime minister’s speech “has not put into question Iran’s compliance” with the nuclear deal.”

….While Netanyahu’s speech did little to convince experts and independent commentators that Iran is failing to live up to its commitments under the nuclear deal, the presentation certainly reached its intended audience.

During a news conference with the president of Nigeria on Monday, Trump declared that Netanyahu’s performance demonstrates that he has “been 100 percent right” in his criticism of the nuclear accord.

The deadline for Trump to recertify the nuclear agreement is May 12, and many believe the president will decide to withdraw from the deal….

…With or without the nuclear deal, Iran does “not seek to acquire weapons of mass destruction,” Rouhani said in a televised speech last week.

In his response to Netanyahu’s speech on Monday, Parsi of NIAC argued it’s “hard to believe it is a coincidence that Netanyahu’s announcement comes on the heels of [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo’s meeting with the prime minister.”

“Trump’s war cabinet has not even been in place for a week but is already setting the stage for an all out regional war,” Parsi concluded.


Second Article, May 1st:

Benjamin Netanyahu Can Now Declare War on Iran With a Single Vote

 The Israeli parliament late on Monday granted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greater authority to take his country to war, at a time when tensions between Israel and Iran are reaching new heights.

Netanyahu can now declare war with only the approval of the defence minister, currently hardliner Avigdor Lieberman, in “extreme situations”, according to Israeli daily Haaretz.

Previously the prime minister would need the approval of the entire Israeli cabinet in order to declare war.

The news of the Israeli parliament’s decision emerged following a 20-minute presentation in which Netanyahu accused Iran of continuing to pursue its nuclear weapons programme in contravention of the 2015 nuclear deal….

…Israel’s relations with Iran have soured considerably in recent years with Tehran’s continued involvement in the Syrian war next door on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.

Israeli forces have targeted several military bases in Syria thought to contain Iranian weapons and military advisers.

A missile attack overnight on Sunday struck several arms depots and killed many pro-Assad fighters, including Iranians, reports said on Monday. Iran denied its forces had been hit in the strikes.

Israel was probably behind the attack…



Hours after his presentation, the Israeli Knesset voted to grant Netanyahu the power to declare war in “extreme situations”with just the authorization of his defense minister. While Netanyahu may claim to not want war, the passing of the authorization bill makes declaring war significantly easier.

While Israel has made efforts to prevent other regional powers from acquiring nuclear weapons, it is itself strongly suspected of being a nuclear power. The Israeli government has never officially acknowledged or denied this, but is believed to have an arsenal of 80 nuclear warheads, making it the only nuclear-armed state in the Middle East.


From the Economist:

The reactor, which was supplied by France, was switched on 15 years after the establishment of the state of Israel. …..Israel has never used its reactors for generating electricity. Along with the United States, France, Russia and China, it is one of the few countries believed to have acquired the nuclear “triad”. It can deliver nuclear weapons as bombs dropped from an aircraft, as warheads on a land-launched missile (since the 1970s) and on missiles fired from submarines….

…Nuclear experts estimate that Israel has between 80 and 200 warheads, more than enough to deter would-be attackers.


From the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, “Global nuclear weapons inventories, 1945–2013”

In keeping with its policy of nuclear opacity, Israel has neither confirmed nor denied possession of nuclear weapons; however, the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) concluded in 1999 that Israel had produced approximately 80 warheads. The DIA projected that Israel’s nuclear stockpile would only modestly increase by 2020 (Federation of American Scientists, 2007).6 There are rumors that Israel is equipping some of its submarines with nuclear-capable cruise missiles. Israel is estimated to have produced fissile material sufficient for 115 to 190 warheads.


So we have Israel, a “nation” (not really, but I’m not going to get into that right now) with nuclear weapons, is pushing for war against Iran, and is AT war with Syria, (’cause that’s what you call it when one perceived “nation” continuously fires missiles into a sovereign nation), using Syria as an excuse to war against Iran.  Mean while Netanyahu has just given himself new powers to “Declare War” -which is exactly what Erdogan is about to do in Turkey when he called the snap election this year. Turkey is also at “war” with Syria and continuously invades and bombs Iraq and Syria. … Yet the US Government says nothing to Israel nor Turkey about their continuous bombings of civilians….

…Israel, a “nuclear power”, is claiming, yet again, that Iran is developing Nuclear Weapons- which is the same excuse that has been used over and over again, by America to go to war against anyone they want:  Imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

The Dots are connecting very very quickly now.  The only problem is getting the public to remember these dots when the next set appears.  Is it any wonder that these Corporate Governments are doing everything in their power to distract the public from paying attention?

Having said all of that, I still stand by what I said last month, last year and the years before that:

World War III is the war that won’t

Don’t be Distracted!


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