Deep Immersion: May 16 2018


As usual, when this group gets together to discuss anything, you never know where the conversation will lead… and last night was no exception.  We opened the discussion on the topic of Crystals: the energetic questions, and the “programming” and “deprogramming” of them…. which quickly led down paths of deep “woo woo” and a discussion of “Time” & “Reality”, and Digital vs Analogue and how, perhaps, that plays a part in this “realm” that we exist in.   We also discussed the latest Andrew Desantis interview (links for this and his previous interviews are below), the question of what role does the blockchain technology play in our “reality”,  Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s “BioGeometry” and Sigils and their use again 5G and EMF pollution (link below), and a whole host of other topics that jumped off from this discussion.

I have also posted the Live Chat Log from the show below.

These topics opened up so many questions, that another Deep Immersion will definitely follow this one…. at some point, lol.


 Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s website on BioGeometry

Jeff Gates’ Play List on Youtube of all the Andrew Desantis Interviews (his latest from last weekend is the last video)


Deep Immersion: May 16 2018, Chat log by breakingthesilence on Scribd




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