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Emerging “Global Brain”: Consciousness Expansion

This is a brilliant article by Mike Krieger at Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, which, surprisingly enough was picked up by Zerohedge yesterday.

There’s been heightened chatter as of late, particularly in the Twittersphere, around the idea humanity might be undergoing a consciousness expansion. This concept seems to be going mainstream, which could be a great thing provided it doesn’t get turned into a cliché or marketing gimmick.

“Humanity might be undergoing a consciousness expansion”… very interesting words, and yes, ones that seem to be echoing throughout the media on multiple levels.   While I may not fully agree with the concept of “Spiral Dynamics“, there are some very interesting pieces through out this article by Mike Krieger- especially in the comparison between the “first level” consciousness and the “second level” consciousness, and the struggle by those locked into that primordial first level to do anything to keep others from expanding into the perceived “second level”.

The various stages within first-tier consciousness are all driven by a deficiency motivator. Humans operating at that level are primarily driven by a need to prove something to themselves or others, or by a need/desire to attain something. All levels of first-tier consciousness are highly tribal and see the world as us (my team) against them (the others, who are considered heathens). At the second level, humans aren’t lacking in any major physical or psychological way, and are thus motivated by what Wilber describes as “being needs,” versus “deficiency needs.” Fear dissipates as does attachment to dogma. You’re simply more understanding of different perspectives and the roles they play even if you strongly disagree.

Naturally, people obsessed with controlling others and dominating society do not wish to see humans operating en masse at second-tier. People at a higher stage of consciousness are simply more troublesome and far harder to control and manipulate.

What I also found very interesting in this article was the numbers.  We’ve discussed  the “100th monkey” theory for a long time.  The basic premise being that there is a allegorical number in which a change reaches critical mass, and triggers a massive change in consciousness.  The idea has been kicked around for ages, that once humanity achieves this “number”, we will witness this change sweep through humanity at an exponential rate.  In Mike’s Article about Spiral Dynamics, he outlines the theory of Ken Wilber:

According to Wilber, the key threshold to hit in order for the next stage of human evolution to occur is 10% of the global population moving into a second-tier type consciousness…..

…Wilber also previously estimated we need around 10% of the world population operating at second-tier to kickstart an entirely new paradigm here on earth. Personally, I think we’re very close to that number (if not there already).

My personal view is that we’re currently witnessing the emergence of what Terence McKenna called the “global brain.”

Here’s what he said about it in 1994:

The people who are not switched on don’t even know anything has happened. To them the world looks exactly like it looked five years ago. To the people who are switched on, earth is becoming a distant memory.

The internet is the global brain. The cyber-spatially connected telepathic collective domain that we’ve all been hungering for. 


I find this idea very synchronistic with our latest conversations in UnFuckers Unite.  We can feel the change, we can feel the dissolution of this “reality” that we are in.  The difference, to me, is that I think this shift of consciousness isn’t simply a change of the current paradigm of this existence, but in fact is much larger picture that may encompass far more than just this current existence …  that is perhaps too large for a many people to recognize.

This is a new thing.  And in my opinion, it isn’t something we’ve ever experienced before.  The “Global Brain” of the internet has given us a tool to create an almost reverse hive mind, using the internet itself as a central exchange point of thoughts, theories, ideas and viewpoints. The internet has become the neural network that has allowed us to share with each other… everything. And maybe that’s what we needed- a pair of “training wheels” like the internet, to help us find our balance and gain confidence on this journey till, perhaps, our own non-cyber collective conscious communication is ready to take the lead.









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