You are currently viewing Crimes Against Humanity: Sarah Westall and Dr. Boyd Haley

Crimes Against Humanity: Sarah Westall and Dr. Boyd Haley

If you’re going to watch just one video this weekend, this is the one it should be!

In this two part series, Sarah Westall inverviews Dr. Boyd Haley, a well renown researcher and scientist, formerly head of his department at the University of Kentucky, all about Mercury- and it’s links to Autism & Alzheimers through amalgam fillings and Vaccines.  The corruption of the FDA and CDC is made so crystal clear in this discussion that it should be  required viewing for every Doctor, Nurse and Scientist.

Dr. Boyd Haley joins the show to share his incredible experience doing research and providing solutions to children who suffer with autism and other illnesses. Little did he realize that actual working solutions that help humanity brings out the FDA dogs whose only interest is perpetuating a very broken system geared to keep those in power making all the rules and money at the expense of those who need help the most. When will Americans wake up and realize this behavior constitutes serious crimes against humanity? Please share this show far and wide!! You can see more of Dr. Boyd Haley at


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