UnFuckers UnFucking Get Together

This Sunday will be the first UnFuckers Gathering (online) in my daytime hours!! Once a month- to start- we will have an unfuckers chat, in Zoom (for members) and LIVE Streamed on Twitch, during European daytime/Australia evening time zones… to give us a chance to reach out to everyone who can’t be part of the usual UnFuckIT discussions because it’s …

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UnFuckIt Discussion, Jan 9 2019

  Last night was our second UnFuckIt discussion to be live streamed on Twitch.tv!!  We’d love for all of our Youtube viewers and subscribers to please take a second and subscribe to our Twitch channel so that you’ll receive notices of when we are Live Streaming and upcoming shows! https://www.twitch.tv/removingtheshackles d   https://rts.earth/2019/01/transpicuous-news-jan-9th-continuous-magnetosphere-flux/ https://rts.earth/2019/01/transpicuous-news-jan-7th-mystery-of-the-shockwaves/ https://rts.earth/2019/01/transpicuous-views-jan-6-2017-all-theories-on-the-table/ https://rts.earth/2019/01/transpicuous-news-jan-3-2019-wtf-was-that/  

Transpicuous News Jan 9th: Continuous Magnetosphere Flux

Since my last Transpicuous News report Jan 7th, Earth’s Magnetosphere has been in continuous flux & chaos.  I added a couple of short vids to that TN report, but this morning I sat down and again took us through Earth’s Magnetosphere feed from the 7th up to now.  I also show the “solar weather” that is NOT happening and the …

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Transpicuous News Jan 7th: Mystery of the Shockwaves

  With all the discussions lately about the Earth’s Magnetosphere, I decided to put the time today into back tracking the graphs to give us a look at what’s been happening this past week.  …. Yes. It’s boring.  You’ll survive, I promise. d Edited at 22:52 CET to add:  As soon as I began uploading the TN video- the magnetosphere …

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Transpicuous Views Jan 6 2017: All theories on the table

  Yesterday afternoon Ann Callaghan and I got together for a “little” chat, but it turned into quite a bit more.  Looking at all the pieces of information we have, all the theories that are being put forward, revisiting older information from 2012… and putting them all on the table to try and fit the puzzle pieces together. d   …

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Transpicuous News Jan 3 2019: WTF was THAT?!

  A Quick update to ask the question:  WHAT THE FUCK JUST HIT EARTH!? Between 8pm Jan 2nd until just before 4am Jan 3rd, the Earth was bombarded by the most massive …. somethingorother, that I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching the Solar feeds, Magnetosphere/pause.  And according to the solar observatories… it didn’t come from our Sun! …

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UnFuckIt Discussion- Happy Whatever Year it is!

WOW!  What a discussion we had last night!!  Astrophysics, electric universe, consciousness, … and several “grumpy ol’ lady” rants tossed in just to keep it funny!   Last night’s discussion was LIVE STREAMED on Twitch.tv for the very first time, all all our shows will now go out over Twitch LIVE, so please take a moment to visit our page there …

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