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Transpicuous News Geomagnetic Update, Jan 24th 2019


Well yesterday was certainly interesting for a lot of people!! We saw some wild geomagnetic stuff happening all day yesterday, but especially at 20:00/8pm UTC (2pm EST).  In this geomagnetic update, I show the last 36 hours or so in our magnetosphere and solar wind speed velocities, but I also pull up feeds from January 6th 2015 to show a comparison.  Yep, our measuring sticks don’t seem to be accurate anymore, or at least, the way we measure the IMPACT of these solar and cosmic effects needs to be changed. Below I’ve posted the images of the Schumann resonance and amplitudes for this past few days and we can see that there is barely a bobble…. yet a lot of us got knocked on our asses….

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Schumann Resonance

Schumann amplitude