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Transpicuous Views with Alan James


Transpicuous Views August 7th 2019, with Alan James from Open Your Mind Radio, and Circle of White Light Radio

Last night I had Alan James on with us live, and we had a great conversation about a ton of topics. Alan’s opening commends about beliefs and having a “fluid belief system” really hit home, and I highly recommend watching his videos on this topic (below).  Alan spent quite some time discussion the Manna World Trust, and Thomas Williams’ work- whom he’s known for 3 years.  This gets into some deep “woo woo” but also the current financial disaster raging throughout the planet.  Lots of videos and articles listed below for people to dig deeper into this information.






Links from Alan:

Must Listen To Shows On This Site

Funding Project Site

OYM Conference Talk About Waking People Up Using Psychology

The Fluid Belief System Principals

David do you know about this??

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