Transpicuous Views Jan 6 2017: All theories on the table

  Yesterday afternoon Ann Callaghan and I got together for a “little” chat, but it turned into quite a bit more.  Looking at all the pieces of information we have, all the theories that are being put forward, revisiting older information from 2012… and putting them all on the table to try and fit the puzzle pieces together. d   …

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Transpicuous Views Dani & Ann, Dec 1 2018

Yesterday evening Ann Callaghan and I had another impromptu discussion that led into the topics of the “Mud Floods”, “geomagnetic” and purported “solar” events, and the concept that we are on the verge of another “Reset”.  I will put as many of the links to what we discuss during this video below. Another piece of the puzzle?  CERNs last day …

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Transpicuous Views: Epic Journey of WeBeFree Mike

Last Saturday I was gifted with a visit from my awesome friend “Gilga” WeBeFree Mike, who came to Malta for a week.  Many of you who have been following “Removing the Shackles” may remember the “Epic Journey of Gilga Mike”, as I nick-named him, when he began his journey hitchhiking from Germany down to the south of Spain, and is …

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Transpicuous Views Nov 10 2018: Where the hell are we?

Well, as we discussed on this Wednesday’s UnFuckIt Discussion, this past week has been crazy insane and it just got crazier in the 3 days since then.  Some very strange articles have come out, that make a person go “hmmmmmm…. what fuckin’ universe am I in now?!”, and there have been a series of “coincidences” that when compiled together, stretch …

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Transpicuous Views Oct 26 2018- Dani & Ann

  Ann Callaghan and I sat down to have a chat today… I’m very glad that I was recording! We discussed several topics, including: the younger generations and their “disconnection” from what is going on, the idea that this isn’t the first time this “event” has been attempted, and the overwhelming programming of polarities and defensive mechanisms. d    

Transpicuous Views: What are the hiding in our sky?

  This was just a quick pre-show chat with the UnFuckers before watching “the Matrix Reloaded”.  So, with everything that has been happening over the past month or so- solar observatories shutting down suddenly, satellites going into “safe” mode, etc…. the Question on my mind is: What the fuck are they trying to hide from us in our skys/space?  

Transpicuous Views: Don’t Drown!

The Insanity has reached epic proportions.  Social Media, Alt Media & Main Stream Media are promoting mass hysteria and divisionism through emotional manipulation and program triggered brainwashing unlike anything ever seen before. Do NOT allow yourself to drown in the rhetoric. love d            

Transpicuous Views Aug 1 2018 After show discussion

After last nights Transpicuous Views episode, “Facts vs Fiction: two sides to every story” I sat with our live audience and we dug into a whole lot of topics and really had a very interesting and fantastic discussion. d   Deadly Ultraviolet UV-C and UV-B Penetration to Earth’s Surface: Human and Environmental Health Implications- PDF uvc2 “The CHANI Project” from …

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Transpicuous Views, Facts vs Fiction: two sides to every story

For a long time I’ve been saying that we need to “Question Everything!”, and to “do our own research”.  This past few weeks I’ve had a sudden realization of just how DEEP we need to go in this and came to a startling personal revelation that I still have many “belief structures” in place that I need to really clear …

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