You are currently viewing Transpicuous Views with Lainie Liberti, July 5 2021

Transpicuous Views with Lainie Liberti, July 5 2021

The past 18 months have been a trip into utter insanity, and while there has been lots of information and discussion around a many topics in the Alt Media, from the medical side of the “pandemic”, to the legal/illegal aspects to the ongoing lockdowns, to the effects of the economic fallout, to how adult suicide rates are skyrocketing…. very few people are talking about the horrific effects these lockdowns are having our Tweens, Teens & Young Adults.  Today I sat down with Lainie Liberti, Community Leader of Project Worldschool, to talk about her work with groups of Teens & Tweens, and with families across the globe, and what the fallout the past 18 months has had on our young people.  Join us as Lainie and I discuss the current insanity and it’s serious effects, emotionally, physically, mentally and even “spiritually” on teens and young adults, as Lainie offers some excellent advice to parents to help navigate these new waters.

EDITED TO ADD:  Firefox seems to be doing weird things with video uploads, if you cannot watch the videos in firefox, I suggest trying Chrome, as I haven’t had any issues with it.





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