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Transpicuous Views, Alan James: Alternative Energy Solar Power

Last night I sat down with Alan James, from Circle of White Light Radio, and we went through an introduction into the topic of Solar Power, as an alternative energy source.  Alan discussed some of the basic knowledge you need to figure out your personal requirements, a basic run down of types of solar panels, inverters, and batteries.  We’ll definitely get back onto this subject to expand on the information in the near future.

I will also have Alan back soon to talk about HAM Radios  & CBs- and this is a subject I know NOTHING about, so I’m looking forward to hearing this information and learning how to get started, and what the licensing is for HAM operators.  Communications is a key factor in being prepared for whatever is thrown our way, and I think we’ll have a lot to learn on this subject!

Last night was the first night in ages that the show was LIVE STREAMED- on POCKETNET!!  My first test of the LIVE STREAM went very well and hopefully, all the regular shows will be put out LIVE on POCKETNET from now on!!  To watch the LIVE show, simply go to my homepage on POCKETNET: