You are currently viewing Transpicuous Views, July 13 2021 Taking our kids out of the System

Transpicuous Views, July 13 2021 Taking our kids out of the System

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Ema, Sam and Sarah, who are all very involved in the local UK movements to remove our children from the main stream education systems to protect them from “mask mandates” and the COVID “vaccine” push.Β  At the moment there is a huge “awakening” being triggered by the past 18 months of insanity, but while parents may have become aware of the risks andΒ  decided what they do NOT want for their children, many have been left floundering to figure out what they DO want for their kids when it comes to learning.Β  Community is Key, as I’m always saying.Β  We’ll be continuing this discussion in a few weeks, with the addition of a few others, to talk about moving forward, and moving away from this draconian society.




An excellent resource of groups in the UK for home/un-schooling:

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Please message Sam at if you would like to start a local hub Other Home Ed Hubs in the UK :

West London : workshops for home Ed in west London to bridge the gap of alternative Learning.

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