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Transpicuous Views with Cynthia Sue Larson: the Quantum Question

Last night on Transpicuous Views I was joined by physicist and author Cynthia Sue Larson, to dig down the rabbit hole of “mandela effects” and to look at the Quantum Questions.  Cynthia brought some brilliant insights to the table last night during our conversation, about the deeper Quantum effects on not just the “micro” as so many experiments focus on, but in the “macro” of our own reality.  This year of 2019 has brought forward an astounding amount of new information, new proofs and theories that clearly show that quantum fields, superpositions, and entanglements are not just limited to the micro-tiny photons viewed under intense magnification, but are the backbone that our very reality stands upon.


I highly recommend reading Cynthia’s two books, “Reality Shifts” and “Quantum Jumps”, which are available on her website HERE

Cynthia’s website, “Reality Shifters” and her BLOG site contain huge amounts of information about her personal journey, and the various studies that have been coming out that seem to prove that we are definitely living in a quantum entangled reality.



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