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Transpicuous Views with Cara St Louis: The Fae Lectures

After 3 months of planning, technical failures, and ridiculous interruptions, today Cara St Louis and I finally were able to record this discussion on her Fae Lectures, and it was well worth the wait!

Cara recounts her introduction to the “Fae” and her journey to discovering the deeper story hidden in the bardic tales and writings about the Fae, the origins of the legends and history of the “Draco” invasion, and the beginnings of the war that seems to continue to this day.  Our discussion runs through multiple topics from cannabis- the miracle plant that was hidden from view-, to our blood and the iron that flows through our veins, to the Romney people and their connections to the Fae and their travels across the planet, to the ley lines that are/could be the earths electromagnetic “veins”, to of course- the co-opting of our history by the “church” to support their narratives.

I will be organizing a Deep Immersion discussion with Cara and Ben Grose and several others, to dig into some of the topics that we covered during our conversation today.  I will let everyone know once the time is arranged for that.

I highly recommend watching Cara’s Fae Lectures as they cover much more that we could possibly get through during out discussion:


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