You are currently viewing Transpicuous Views April 15 2018, with Sarah Westall

Transpicuous Views April 15 2018, with Sarah Westall

Last night on Transpicuous Views, I was joined by fellow independent journalist and researcher, Sarah Westall.  This was our first get together and our 2 hour conversation skipped through a huge amount of topics, from the current political insanity, Syria, corruption and greed in politics and corporate control, the horrific background of human trafficking and pedophilia, to the incredible new scientific breakthroughs that are happening at the moment.

Sarah has interviewed some of the most brilliant people on our planet, in all areas imaginable, from science & technology, to politics & finance, to history and even the “woo”.  I highly recommend following her on Patreon as she is bringing out new information and interviews every week.





Some of Sarah’s Shows that were discussed on Transpicuous Views:






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