Transpicuous Views Nov 10 2018: Where the hell are we?

Well, as we discussed on this Wednesday’s UnFuckIt Discussion, this past week has been crazy insane and it just got crazier in the 3 days since then.  Some very strange articles have come out, that make a person go “hmmmmmm…. what fuckin’ universe am I in now?!”, and there have been a series of “coincidences” that when compiled together, stretch the the limits of that word to far beyond the snapping point. This afternoon Ann Callaghan, Brianna Caradja, Gail Le Guilcher and I got together for a “what the hell is going on” type chat.  This discussion is divided into two parts- here is part 1, and hopefully I will have part 2 out by tomorrow and I will add it to this article.

Below are the links to all the news stories, articles and videos that we discussed this afternoon.



Part 1

Part 2



VERY interesting things on these graphs:

and the Artist and the Tarot Cards:


One People Show from 2016 mentioned during this conversation



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