Transpicuous Views June 11 2017: Manifesting Magic

Not a week goes by that shit doesn’t get more and more interesting.  This Saturday was officially rabbit hole day for me, with hours and hours spent digging info multiple WTFs that had all dropped into my lap within an hour of each other.   The world is a Magical Place …. apparently!


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4 thoughts on “Transpicuous Views June 11 2017: Manifesting Magic”

  1. Just watched last night the episode and after every show, I want to think this was the best one but when Ben called in and the conversation took on my jaw just dropped about the new info and new aspects… well done.

  2. I watched this show on youtube and all the time kept waiting for someone to mention the Bilderberg meeting documents that were released last year. It was from the original meeting up to the last meeting before Sept 11, 2001.

    I read through the first, ones around the late 60s and 70s when first actual “recession” occurred and the last/ latest one (doubt any more will be released). The very first document discussed their plans for developing the currency tied to energy and electricity. I found the documents when first released on the We Are Change website when they were first posted.

    Here’s the Link:

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