Assentio Mentium

Assentio Mentium means ” a meeting of the minds”.

Lets all chat to talk about concepts of Sovereignty and how to get the most out of life by comprehending the mistakes we all make and how the “system” propagates for its own benefit.

We all know there are problems and many know what those problems are but there are few who know what to do to UNFUCKIT.!!
We want to give people some tools to help them get their power back or at least lose the fear generated by authorities.
The concepts discussed will be for educational purposes… when you have enough knowledge of the concepts and ideas you should be ready to live by them. (wont happen in a month!)

If you are interested in having such a chat, please Join us using Discord.
The show is scheduled for Sunday at 08.30am PDT.
Click this link for your timezone….

If you think there are others that would like to participate then please pass this on..!!!
Looking forward to hearing from all the interested unfuckers..!!!

We use Discord chat for our discussions. It can be run either in your browser if you don’t want to download the software, or as an app like Skype or Zoom…
Regardless of the method you chose, just click the link below and come join the discussion.
We welcome questions and debate, but be sure you want to hear honest and truthful answers.

Our hosts are Karl, a retired police officer and John, Former C.A.O. of the World Freeman Society: Canada chapter.




Archive of past shows

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May 28, 2017

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